Cultural Center of Modern Design in Hong Kong

cultural interior decoration center

This publication features a tour of the WING Cultural Center in Hong Kong, China, produced by Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design. The building we are going to visit today is located in the Chai Wan district, a part of the Chinese city that is gradually becoming a place where artistic activities are particularly in the spotlight.

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View of the exterior of WING Cultural Center in Hong Kong

exterior landscaping public area

Quickly surpassing its reputation as a former industrial center, Chai Wan is taking time off the many buildings of its past to house more and more buildings celebrating creative and innovative activities. The imposing cultural Center WING is added to this landscape to offer its users an area reserved for artistic activities such as contemporary dances, exhibitions, theater and various events of this type.

Modern design interior of the WING Cultural Center

modern decoration ideas center culture

At the same time, WING also fulfills an important social function in Hong Kong: it can be transformed into residential space or work to meet the growing needs of city dwellers for this type of buildings. In this way, the LEAD project also intends to address a strong criticism of the housing construction policy and the negligence of local authorities with regard to cultural life.

The terrace of the WING cultural center in the Chai Wan district

exterior design cultural center

Completed in 2014, WING has caught our attention with its unique personality that is the result of a careful selection of materials, modern techniques and strong messages. If this project has intrigued you, you can continue the virtual tour of this space thanks to the photos below:

Modern design terrace of the cultural center realized by LEAD

outdoor design terrace cultural center

The modern interior of the cultural center

interior modern cultural center

Modern style cultural space

modern interior cultural space design

The Cultural Center in Hong Kong and its interior of modern design

interior and design cultural centers

Modern style building dedicated to cultural activities

interior buildings deco modern style

Decorative idea of ​​the cultural center in Hong Kong

idee decor cultural center china

deco modern cultural space

ideas modern deco space culture

deco Chinese cultural spaces

modern space design decoration

modern deco cultural center

interior design modern space culture

architecture modern design cultural center

modern interior design and architecture

deco idea public bathroom

modern interior design cultural space

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