Curtains and blackout curtains: how to integrate them?

curtains and net curtains idea interior sofa

There are certain elements that we dare not integrate into our interiors. Many contemporary designers avoid the presence of curtains and curtains blackout to avoid aesthetic misunderstandings.

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In fact, the blackout curtain is a little present in contemporary design that seeks to give brightness to space. However, some interior designers dare to integrate this element in the bedroom, the living room and the dining room. To find out how they were successful, we invite you to discover our selection of 24 examples of modern interiors with curtains and blackout curtains in blue, brown, gray and black.

Curtains and blackout curtains: how to integrate them in our interior?

curtains design idea bed floor mats blue design

Here is a modern interior in blue, yellow and orange that has interestingly integrated curtains blackout in dark blue. The colors harmonize well, the atmosphere is joyful. The curtains have a rather decorative function.

Modern dining room with blue curtains

curtains and net curtains design blue modern wood table

The blackout curtains are perfect for the bedroom, if you like to sleep shutters closed, but you do not have any, opt for blackout curtains. They provide greater privacy than a transparent curtain.

Interior with black curtains

Black curtains

The large windows of this living room in red and black require any clothing. Blackout blackout curtains are a good solution. They associate well with the interior. Closed, they can provide privacy if necessary. During the day, you can enjoy the brightness of the room. It's an interior that can be both intimate and welcoming.

Living room with red sofa and black curtains

modern interior red sofa design coffee table

The example below shows a large living room whose colors are very clear. Some dark accents - the pouffe brown in the middle, the cushions on the sofa on the left and the decorative objects on the shelf on the right - balance the whole. The black blackout curtains blend well with the interior.

White and light gray interior with blackout curtains in black

curtains and net curtains coffee table design sofa white living room floor mats white

Hoping that our gallery will inspire you and help you in your research, we wish you a very good visit!

Contemporary interior with sheer curtains Grey dark

interior design floor rug gray black pouf white sofa round mirror

Curtains in dark blue in bedroom

curtains and net curtains modern interior idea

Black and white interior with sheers in dark gray

curtains black and white design armchair floor mats plant wall decor

curtains and sheers interior modern dining room

couch gray deco idea island central table modern curtains

bedroom modern bed curtains deco headboard

deco bedroom blackout curtains blackboard

curtain blackout idea dining room black

interior curtains and sheers decorative design wall bedroom

black curtain sofa gray light fixture suspension

interior idea armchair gray floor rug blue curtain dark gray

contemporary design curtains gray chalkboard wall composition

interior curtains light gray bed bedroom idea

contemporary interior idea black table chair red floor rug corner chair

interior modern idea decoration deco wallpaper curtains

modern patterned curtains design coffee table wood modern deco sofa

modern interior curtains brown floor mats design coffee table black wood

curtain blackout curtain idea interior modern armchair red leather floor mats red

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