Curtains living room - 40 ideas of modern curtains

colors curtains living room idee deco

The curtains living room are a very important decorative detail for the interior. The modern living room curtains create a soft and pleasant atmosphere and embellish the decor.

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That's why choosing well this component his decor for living room is essential. In this article, we will help you make your choice by presenting you with 40 ideas for curtains living room of modern and contemporary design.

Very interesting living room curtains

curtains living room contemporary decoration

The model of curtains modern that you choose for your living room depends on your taste and also the decoration you have already made in the room. Your curtains and sheers can be brightly colored or pastel or with interesting patterns and there are different ways to hang them on your windows.

Select curtains according to the time of year

Curtains living room - 40 ideas of modern curtains

In addition, the selection of models of living room curtains depends on the time of year and the atmosphere you want to create in your stay. In spring and summer, more emphasis is placed on lightweight textiles. Light colors and vibrant shades are also important during this period.

Match the pattern of his home textile with the interior decorating style

Curtains living room - 40 ideas of modern curtains 1

Do you like a particular style of decoration? Learn about the patterns and types of fabric that characterize it. Then, go to the stage of buying a model that will complete your interior.

What curtains for a seaside style stay?

Curtains living room - 40 ideas of modern curtains 2

Thus, white and blue textiles will be a nice addition for a marine-style holiday. Try to complete this look with small strings typical for the seaside atmosphere.

Example of Moroccan-inspired interior curtaining in white and blue

Curtains living room - 40 ideas of modern curtains 3

The oriental decoration is characterized by the use of these same nuances. Here they are integrated into a much richer ornamental panel from the point of view of the ornaments.

Interior decorating idea with boho chic curtains

Curtains living room - 40 ideas of modern curtains 4

Some interior design styles can do without curtains while others necessarily require their presence. This is particularly the case of bohemian chic design. Do not miss to select bohemian or hippie chic curtains for your living space!

Model of elegant curtains for living room

curtains living room chic decoration

We know that textiles also determine the feeling that dominates the interior space. For this reason, their choice will also depend on the message you want to communicate through your decor. Thus, for a luxurious and opulent atmosphere, we will use rather rich tones and thick fabrics.

Example of luxurious curtains in red and beige

curtains living room colors red beige

Conversely, a piece of style rather casual or Zen style will stand out for its textiles and light colors. White, pastel shades, and light shades are ideal for such a space.

Decorative curtains for living room

curtains living room ideas colors

And since the best way to realize all that we have just underlined is to observe images that illustrate these principles, we suggest you examine our collection of images. Look at the pictures with the contemporary living room curtains that Designmag has chosen for you!

Idea of ​​original living room curtains

curtains living room original modern design

Luxurious living room curtains

curtains living room modern floral patterns

Modern design interior and elegant living room curtains in white

white elegant design lounge curtains

Idea of ​​living room curtains

Idea deco living room curtains modern

Decorative living room with beige curtains

curtains living room modern original design

Curtains in purple and beige

idea curtains living room floral patterns

Photo of living room with modern curtains in gray

living room curtains model

Elegant curtains in black

black modern elegant curtain

Interior picture with interesting curtains in blue and white

contemporary blue white curtains

Curtains in pastel colors

pastel color curtains living room

Idea of ​​colors for double curtains in blue and beige

modern beige blue double curtains

How to use design curtains in black and gray

elegant luxury modern curtains

Luxury curtains in brown and blue

curtains luxury blue brown design

curtains modern red gray

red beige floral curtains

curtains room stay black white

transparent curtains geometric patterns

contemporary living room deco gray curtains

modern red curtains design living room

minimalist living room curtains deco

elegant living room curtains

idea curtains for green living room

curtains model for living room

blue living room curtains model

modern living room design curtains

curtains for living room pastel colors

curtains for living room clear shades

curtains sheer curtain modern living room

modern living room orange curtains

living room curtains modern yellow

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