Cushions and comfort in 50 inspiring examples

cushions deco idea bed bedroom floor mats wooden table design wall chart

Fluffy, with different patterns and colors ... everyone loves cushions! For a cozy, comfortable and pretty interior, it's the perfect solution. If you are looking for original ideas for your interior and you do not want to invest too much in decoration, the cushions are ideal.

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Discover our examples of decorative cushions original in 50 ideas decorating interiors of different styles. It is a personalized decoration that will suit your living room, your dining room, your bedroom, balcony or terrace.

Decorative cushions: a modern style bedroom decorated with cushions

modern room interior design table wall wooden pallet

When it comes to decoration, we all tend to imagine paintings, frames and design objects. And the cushions? It is a practical decoration, personalized and inexpensive. In addition, the cushions have several functions and are always used. You can buy them or make your own cushions. You are not good at sewing? It does not matter ! Maybe it's time to start practicing?

Modern bedroom in white with a burgundy cushion

cushions deco bedroom interior modern table bed

At the time padding cushions were made of feathers, wool, flock, kapok and other natural fibers. Now they are often filled with synthetic foam. Their function is rather decorative, but also comfort . Put on a chair or on a sofa, the cushion improves comfort. Outside, they are used for garden benches and deck chairs. You can also serve as a footrest.

Deco cushions of different sizes

modern interior ideas patterns sofa beige plant

During the Middle Ages, in palaces and luxury housing, the cushion was a very used and important piece of furniture. They were tall and most of the time made of leather. The leather was hard enough for them to be used as seats. It is in France and Spain that cushions have been particularly used as seats for special occasions. In the Middle East the cushion is also an interior element that has a strong presence. Speaking of an oriental style interior, one can not but imagine a sofa and cushions in size and with beautiful patterns. The cushion is also seen as a support for official occasions. During a wedding or during an inauguration, the cushion is the "plateau" on which one presents the alliances or the scissors.

Blue sofa decorated with three cushions

decoration cushions idea living room table wood idea flowers bouquet table deco

One of the most recent interpretations of the cushion is the pouf. This very large cushion is often filled with polystyrene beads or other synthetic materials. Our advice is to always opt for fiber vegetable and natural. Modern pouf or Moroccan inspired, it is an object that declines according to all tastes and all desires. The pouf is very present in the oriental decoration. The word originates from Arabic and Turkish. In the Middle East, it means a cushion without arms or backrest. In Morocco, the pouf is sold flat and its padding is old newspapers and rags. It is the nineteenth century that the pouf has arrived in western decoration. Nowadays, a large number of designers and design lovers have been inspired by the pouf. It exists in very different forms. His mellow invitation is irresistible ...

Cushions of different size, pattern and color

idea bench deco cushions

Hoping that our gallery inspired you and will give you new ideas for your interior, we wish you a very good visit. Pouf!

Idea of decoration with cushions for the nursery

decoration idea bedroom child cushions bed cheap

Blue and modern interior decorated with lots of cushions

deco cushions blue interior bedroom small appart luminaire in suspension

Interior in White and gray and a bed decorated with cushions

deco cushions gray red design floor mats white mirrors

deco cushion red idea sofa bouquet of flowers modern table

decoration living room idea sofa white cushions coffee table living room glass

deco cushions bedroom idea armchair white floor mats white chalkboard wall

bedroom decoration idea cushions red black and white carpet red

deco cushions idea table wall bed shelves wood

decorative cushions kids bedroom floor mats night table

room children deco idea floor mat chair cushions fixture suspension

decorative cushions bedroom interior orange gray

cushions deco bedroom ideas table wall furniture wood

cushions deco idea interior white blue design table wall

cushions deco idea bed table wall idea floor mat

cushions floral motif deco idea bedroom mirror

cushions deco idea bedroom table wall

cushions deco idea bed table wall chair armchair lamp

deco living room interior cushions sofa pink coffee table black armchair

cushions living room sofa lounge chair ottoman

cushions deco interior modern idea lighting fixture suspension design floor mats white yellow

deco pallet-bed-pillows-table wall

interior decoration bedroom modern idea frames deco wall table fixture suspension

deco room baby idea cheap cushions frames

cushion white decor idea armchair pink wall decor cheap

cushions deco armchair original wall chart cushion red

baby room decor idea ottoman orange leather baby room

cushions white interior bedroom deco cheap floor mats

deco with cushions cheap idea sofa small appartment

interior decoration design modern idea wall frame painting floor mat brown

living room deco white armchair sofa cushions

interior decor bedroom cushions floor mats furniture wood orange white lamp

deco cushions idea orange pouf yellow frame wall

bedroom decor bed cushions gray floor mats orange armchair

cushions table wall lamp armchair beige

cushions idea deco armchair original cushions mirror

idea decorating living room cushion pattern floor rug armchair orange

interior decoration cushion bedroom idea table wall design carpet white

decorative cushion interior bedroom armchair bouquet of flowers

cushions deco idea wall chart pouf leather

artistic interior idea cushions paintings walls

teen room idea decoration table wall cushions

interior contemporary idea deco design sofa blue ottoman deco plants

cushion beige interior decor modern idea chair floor mat

interior decor modern idea bedroom white curtains

bedroom living room idea lighting fixture hanging paintings walls beige floor mats

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