Dark paint color for a modern interior decor

idea painting house modern decoration

For some years now, various shades of dark paint color seem to invade the interior spaces to associate with modern decorations. Now you have the opportunity to use them at home to give your home a trendier look.

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At first glance, the use of these nuances could seem risky. But, rest assured, the results they produce are very chic and interesting. To dare hues of this type is to embark on a small adventure that will eventually bring your home a lot of character!

Daring a dark paint color: idea for men's living room deco

living room color dark paint

Light colors dominated modern and contemporary style decoration for much of the 20th and early 21st century. This was especially so for these clear shades associated with neutral tones: the White , gray and beige. These shades were the darling of professional designers and they were generally associated with modern decorations. One of the reasons for the pros' penchant is the fact that these hues provide ideal conditions for a background around which more vivid shades can be added. At the same time, neutral and light tones also have the advantage of making small spaces larger and brighter. This capacity was seen as very useful for modern decorations in newly built apartments, some of which are characterized by their small size.

Color dark and clear paint: a game of interesting contrasts in the kitchen decor

black and white paint modern color

But in recent years, trends are starting to change. More and more people are turning to dark colors. Considered as more interesting and less explored by the decorators, these colors are now present in many trendy decorations that use elements of industrial design or Scandinavian style.

Idea to associate a dark paint color with neutral shades

color deco living room zen

This new trend could be explained in several ways. On the one hand, the size of the pieces does not seem to have any more importance for the modern man. In the past, we wanted to give the impression that his house is more spacious. Today, we accept the fact that the contemporary era is linked to a change in our lifestyles and that, sometimes, this change is also expressed in a smaller house. But there is more: in recent years, we have found many ways to remedy the lack of space to make our homes more enjoyable. So, we are no longer obliged to use light colors if we do not want to. Instead, many people prefer to reveal their personality by daring interesting hues and shades they really like.

Example of harmony of shades: dark paint color for walls and furniture in bright yellow

painting decoration living room dark color

On the other hand, in some cases, the dark colors also appear as a very good background for a modern and dynamic decor. On the one hand, they marry beautifully with all the neutral and clear colors: this marriage can give very interesting results for people who like strong contrasts. At the same time, dark tones are also easy to match with some bright colors, such as red, green and yellow. In the picture below, an elegant example of this possibility of harmony with a corner sofa in bright yellow.

Tip for a successful modern decor: associate the paint color with that of the furniture

modern furniture colors deco trend

Finally, dark and neutral tones are highly appreciated by homeowners who are conscientious about protecting the planet. And there is nothing surprising in this observation. Because, colors such as black, blue and dark gray can complement interiors with furniture and coatings made of natural materials. This is particularly the case for the different types of wood whose beauty and convenience are rediscovered in modern homes.

Dark paint color associated with a decor with a modern and natural atmosphere

color painting deco modern living rooms

If you like them dark colors and you want to experiment with dark shades, you can look at the pictures below that are drawn from interiors with design by Annabell Kutucu , Karchman Architect, UMKY Design and Jean Regauer. You will find illustrations of different methods of using these colors as well as inspiring ideas for harmonizing with other shades and materials.

Color dark paint and interior design by Annabell Kutucu

interior painting ideas dark colors

Accessory for modern decoration of masculine style

ideas color deco modern design

Modern interior decoration detail with dark colors

modern style color painting ideas

Slate for wall deco of modern design

modern kitchen wall painting

Neutral paint color and interesting accessories

modern decoration colors adult room

Modern male style apartment decoration with light and dark colors

ideas color trend modern interior decoration

Association of dark paint color with natural materials, such as leather and wood

male decoration color painting

Photo of modern style deco accessory and idea of ​​contrasts with dark colors

modern house paint color

Kitchen decor in neutral, light and dark colors

modern kitchen wall painting idea

Decoration with neutral colors and industrial style inspiration

rooms deco trend color painting

Industrial decoration for kitchen in dark color

neutral colors deco modern kitchen

Modern decorating idea with dark paint color

interior paint deco modern design

ideas painting modern kitchen decor

color painting room design

trendy kitchen wall painting

wall colors living room deco black and white

deco entry dark color

harmony color inside

idea deco mood colors dark paint

color deco trend modern interiors

color wall deco kitchen

modern kitchen deco painting

living room color interior paint

light and dark color palette

interior color trend modern design

color idea modern decor trend

color painting dark living room wall

color wall painting bedroom modern design

painting colors bedroom modern ideas

modern office corner color idea

paint color modern bathrooms

modern palette-colors bathroom

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