Deco campaign: 35 ideas for a charming decor

blue kitchen countryside decor

From romance and elegance, the deco countryside can be a calming and fun experience at the same time. And today, we will focus on this style of decoration with its rustic elements, vintage accents and whimsical spirit.

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You will discover in this article many charming ideas how to integrate the country decor in your modern interior.

Deco kitchen campaign with open shelves

deco countryside kitchen shelves

One of the typical elements of the countryside decor is the floor covering Red bricks . But it is not about any bricks but red bricks of worn appearance. Such a floor is an excellent idea of ​​decoration for the kitchen, the living room or the bedroom. You can combine it with metal accents like a wrought iron bench or stylish wall sconces.

Elegant countryside dining room

deco countryside dining room wood

Another key element of the countryside decoration are the open shelves. There is really nothing more welcoming or warm than a kitchen area with open-shelf wooden furniture where jars of homemade jams are placed. To further personalize the decor of the space, you can add hidden initials to the decorative cushions, kitchen towels or walls - these family trimmings will make the decor even more alive.

Living room deco with wrought iron sofa

deco countryside living room idea

And speaking of fabrics, dressing your draped linen furniture is a great idea. In the living room, for example, you can dress the sofa, armchairs or coffee table in linen fabrics in pastel colors. The countryside decor is also characterized by vintage furniture and patina, so you can now go for a walk at the flea markets to find extraordinary pieces.

Campaign living room decoration in light colors

modern living room countryside decor

It does not matter if it's the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom or the bedroom, if you like country decor, then you have to opt for muted and neutral colors and for romantic shades such as sky blue, light gray, powder pink, light yellow or olive green. Tiles and flowers are the patterns you can use in addition to neutral colors to decorate your home. Here are some great campaign-inspired ideas:

Vintage bathroom decoration idea

modern bathroom floor deco

Decorated sitting area with elegant chandelier

deco countryside seating area

White bedroom decoration

bedroom white glazing

Bedroom decor with canopy bed

bedroom vintage decoration

deco kitchen elegante countryside

deco countryside bedroom white

deco countryside bedroom dressing table

deco countryside kitchen wood

deco campaign cuisine elegante

deco elegant design campaign

deco countryside living room lin

deco bedroom wallpaper

vintage bedroom deco

modern vintage bedroom deco

deco kitchen design campaign

wood kitchen countryside decoration

vintage interior countryside decoration

decoration countryside dining room

vintage dining room decoration

country style living room decoration

country style living room decoration

blue wood bathroom deco

original deco dining room

vintage dining room wood furniture

bathroom dressing table deco

bathroom decoration countryside

deco countryside outdoor garden

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