Deco Christmas to make more than 50 magic ideas

christmas decoration to make chandelier design hanging garland

Christmas is a warm and family celebration. If you want an original and personalized decoration for this year, there is no need to spend too much money and time.

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Have you thought about a christmas decoration to make at your house ? To have a good time and not get tired of crowds in the shops, this year make your home decor with the help of your children or friends. It's the perfect moment of sharing. Stay warm and have fun with your toddlers while creating a unique décor for your rooms. There are many fun and easy to do activities that require very little effort, but will make a great impression on your guests. The christmas decoration to make is the best way to have fun and beautify your home with little means and a lot of imagination. It's also a way to recycle old items you no longer need and give them a second life.

Deco Christmas to make at home in more than 50 inspiring ideas

christmas tree idea decoration christmas balls roses design frames wood briefcase

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Religious celebration originally, nowadays for many people Christmas has become a more family-friendly celebration. It's time for the end of the year when you meet up with your family to share pleasant moments, delicious meals and presents ... There is only a very short time before the preparations for Christmas begin. Have you ever thought about decorating your apartment or house? What style do you want to recreate at home: classic, minimalist or eclectic? If you fancy a different and original decor this year, our gallery of examples will help you in your search for inspiration. Discover our gallery of more than 50 examples of Christmas decoration to make yourself ...

Christmas decoration to make shiny and elegant

decoration christmas shiny deco fir tree diy hanging christmas ball silver design flowers

It is not true that to make your own Christmas decoration you have to be a great handyman. In reality, it's really child's play! Remember creative classes at school? Everyone, as a child, once had the opportunity to bend a boat, make a star salt dough or make a garland of pine cones and fallen leaves. Do not be afraid, you have probably already gone through these stages of creation, at worst your children know full!

Two original ornament ideas

fir decoration original ornament modern deco christmas to manufacture

Decorating your apartment or house for Christmas is neither so expensive nor so complicated as you think. All the same, we must think about the colors and style that best fit the design of your room. In general, Christmas colors are red, green, white and gold. Red is a symbol of blood, warmth and friendliness. Green, meanwhile, is reminiscent of the nature and aroma fresh and sweet fir. If you have decided to have a fir tree different from the classic fir tree this year, there are many ecological alternatives to have it replaced. You can, for example, represent it at home by putting a little greenery. Even if you want to change the colors this year, the presence of the green color is recommended as it will add freshness to your home. Gold is the color of the Star of Bethlehem put on the top of the tree. Do you know what symbolizes it? She is the embodiment of light and hope. You can, of course, opt for other less classic colors such as purple, blue, orange and others. Colors and their association is a personal choice that will match the style of your home.

Ornament salt dough

christmas decoration to make yourself design fir tree modeling clay

Pine cones decorated with wool

christmas decoration to make pine cones wool design

christmas decoration christmas balls glass hanging deco fir original ideas

Christmas decoration idea hanging fir tree decoration ideas

Original Christmas balls

christmas decoration DIY ball paper design modern decor idea

Bright Christmas balls

Christmas decoration idea hanging fir tree decoration ideas

Christmas ball in modern LEGO and Christmas ball in classic colors

christmas decoration to make lego brilliant christmas ball

Ideas to make with paper and fabric

christmas decoration christmas ball design idea make decoration self

christmas decoration wreath branch tree tree ball ribbon garland

christmas socks deco to make idea cushions

deco christmas to make idea pine cones deco plate christmas cheap

deco christmas to manufacture centerpiece table wall frame idea crown tablecloth

christmas decoration to make entry sock christmas balls idea

christmas decoration original pine cone christmas bauble artificial snow

deco plate christmas table napkin fabric idea

christmas decoration star origami ball glass design idea

deco christmas sock fireplace brick stone design christmas decoration

deco boxwood christmas fireplace idea wood fireplace

christmas decoration make yourself paper heart idea fir deco cheap paper

christmas decoration design fir tree modern design idea

garland deco staircase fir seashell starfish design

christmas wreath decoration DIY idea easy straws ribbon red and white

decoration christmas star hanging fir decoration ribbon

christmas decoration do it yourself sock christmas fabric pinecones

deco christmas tree ornament cinnamon idea simple to realize cheap original modern design

deco christmas center table idea cheap DIY pinecone colorful

Christmas decorating to make idea centerpiece pinecones fir interior design modern ideas star paper design

ornament deco christmas fabric decoration to make oneself idea

christmas decoration do it yourself design idea DIY crown door

fir deco ornament wood star ceramic design idea making christmas deco

foot cover fir fabric red white garland design christmas ball ideas

christmas wreath idea ribbon hanging

christmas decoration modern idea suspension stone word games

decoration christmas modeling clay suspension design idea christmas decoration easy manufacturing

interior decoration christmas idea garland paper snowflake cushions couch living room design decoration

Christmas tree original fabric twine to make ecological

christmas decoration to make star white christmas tree christmas snowflake

christmas decoration hanging design star idea ribbon

elegant christmas decoration hanging magic christmas ball

christmas decoration design idea christmas tree snowflake suspension modern design

christmas tree idea decoration pine cone original design suspension paper star

Christmas decorating fabric Christmas gift tree Christmas balls How to decorate Christmas tree

deco christmas original fir santa claus fabric hanging gift DIY suspension

christmas decor decoration fir christmas garland garland christmas outdoors terrace

deco christmas original to manufacture oneself suspension ball cardboard figurines

christmas decoration to make snowman wreath original photos

christmas decoration to make snowman fabric modeling clay

decoration christmas pinecone suspension ribbon design idea

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