Deco fir tree: 21 ideas for the top of the Christmas tree

deco Christmas tree top letter

Most of the time deco fir tree Traditional Christmas includes either an angel or a star at the top. But that does not in any way mean that you can not decorate otherwise the top of your tree to give it a look maybe a little more modern that follows with the decoration of your interior.

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The good news is that the possibilities are truly innumerable and your deco fir tree unconventional can even become the topic of conversation at your dinner of Christmas .

Christmas tree decoration with a modern summit

decorative fir tree interesting

You have made a lot of effort to create a beautiful Christmas tree decor, so how about a royal crown at the top of your tree as a finishing touch? Or for a similar decoration but a little more fun, you can go rummage through your wardrobe to see if you are not going to find a hat worthy of decorating the Christmas tree. Choose the hat style according to the style and colors of your tree.

Christmas tree decoration with golden top

christmas tree decoration

If you like the combination of blue and green, then you can be inspired by one of the most beautiful birds and transform the Christmas tree into a real peacock. Just a few peacock feathers and some decorative ribbons for the decor of the top of the tree. Stag antlers, the Eiffel Tower, decorations in sheet music, dry branches, ribbons or a real starfish are other ideas that can be used to make a very original decoration for the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree top with pine cones

deco tree christmas design

Peacock feather fir top

deco fir modern feathers

Starfish as top of fir

deco fir starfish

Christmas tree top with crown

deco fir crown royal

Interesting Christmas tree decoration with a decorative Eiffel Tower

deco modern christmas tree

Elegant fir summit star

elegant christmas tree decoration

christmas tree decoration

deco fir tree angel cat

deco fir tree hat Santa Claus

deco fir hat top

modern Christmas tree decor

white Christmas tree decor

deco Christmas tree ribbon

christmas tree original deco

christmas tree idea decoration

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