Deco ideas for more interior comfort - 23 carpet and curtain pictures

ideas of Deco-original carpet-rectangular-motif-floral

Do you want to bring more comfort into your interior space? Are you looking for ideas? What do you think about making your space even more beautiful? carpet with curtains?

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If this idea tempts you, we invite you to contemplate our beautiful photo gallery. There is something for everyone and you will undoubtedly find your inspiration. Just spend a few seconds choosing the deco ideas which suits you best!

Deco ideas with a purple rug

ideas of Deco-original carpet-color-violet-shaped rectangular-lounge

Look at the picture above! The decor of this living room is of neutral color. However, you have purple accents that are so cool! What do you think of this rectangular shaped rug? The Violet colour is full of dynamism and brings a lot of positive energy. It is well matched with comfortable cushions of the same color. You will find, below, more `decorating ideas for your home! Enjoy it!

Deco ideas with a green carpet

original decor ideas-carpet-green-curtains-bedroom-adult

Invite nature to your home with a nice green carpet. This type of accents in your bedroom refreshes your space. In addition, a carpet like this is easily accompanied by a cover of the same color. As a background, you can leave the brown, or else, a neutral color. Look at the pictures above! This type of deco ideas tempting you?

Carpet with a glass coffee table as a living room decoration

ideas of deco-original-table-carpet-low

The red color is full of dynamism! Enjoy it!

ideas of deco-original-carpet-red-sofa chair

Deco ideas with beige shaggy carpet

ideas of deco-original-carpet-pillows-table-low lounge

Round carpet for the living room

original deco ideas-carpet-color-white-shape-round

Neutral color carpet for your living room

ideas of deco-original carpet color-beige lounge

ideas of deco-original-carpet-square-room-adult

ideas of deco-original-carpet-white-blue curtain

ideas of deco-original-table-rectangular-low-sofa lounge

Curtains of violet color

ideas of Deco-original carpet-round curtain-violet

Style and elegance using luxury curtains

ideas of deco-original curtain-pink lounge

When you are looking for deco ideas for your home space, do not neglect the curtains. Choose them when the layout of your home is already finished. Enjoy the wide range of colors and patterns to decorate your home. Look at the picture above! These curtains are full of style and elegance and will be the perfect decoration for your living room!

Curtains of blue and white color

ideas of deco-original curtain-blue-transparent

ideas of deco-original curtain-color-khaki

ideas of deco-original-couor cocoa-floral-pattern

ideas of Deco-original-shape-rectangular-color-brown cocoa

original decor ideas-color-beige-lounge chair

ideas of deco-original-carpet-scratch-blue-white

ideas of deco-original-bedroom-child-girl

ideas of deco-original-bedroom-bedroom-carpet-colored cocoa

ideas of deco-original-bedroom-bedroom-carpet-color beige-ground lamp

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