Deco nail gel: what are the trends to follow?

deco nail gel elegant pattern

Well-groomed hands and nails are important for both women and men. A little more often than men, women decorate their nails in very different ways.

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Beautiful nail polish or artificial nails? If you want to try something different, why not try gel nails? With a very natural appearance, you can decorate them in many very creative ways. If you're in the mood for a trendy manicure for this season and you're not afraid to try this new nail-laying technology, we invite you to discover our selection of 52 different nail ideas. deco nails gel !

Deco nail gel: natural appearance and elegance

ideas of deco nails gel

Do you have experience in applying UV gel nail polish? This is a new trend that has won the hearts of many women. False nails are not always synonymous with comfort and beauty. Acrylic nails are thick and can be annoying. If you have a fairly active life, you may not always feel comfortable and sometimes ... lose your nails! Finally, your fake nails of course. Help - gel nails! Do you know the difference between these and those in acrylic?

Original gel nail decoration with American Apparel polish

nail polish gel nail

If you are not a big fan of false nails, but you want to strengthen yours: gel nails are a very good choice. The gel is applied directly to the nails. If you want to extend them, you can use extensions and capsules that apply directly to the nails. Gel, unlike powdered acrylic, is a viscous substance that hardens under UV radiation. Before proceeding with the application, you must clean your hands. Then you have to choose between extensions (if you want your nails longer) or capsules. These are to stick directly on the nails. The gel must be applied in several layers. Once the first coat is applied, you must place your hand under a UV lamp. It takes a little bit of time.

Gel nail decoration with varnish bright

deco glossy gel nail polish

Gel nails have many benefits. They are soft and flexible. They break less quickly than false nails. The color range is very wide, often with a glossy surface. Gel nails look more natural than acrylic nails. They emit less chemical odors during installation. Acrylic nails are very strong and less fragile. You can wear them a long time. On the other hand, they look less natural because of their thickness. Another big disadvantage is the smells they give off when laying. Some people find these chemical odors very unpleasant.

Simple manicure and natural appearance

deco nail gel idea nail art

As you already know, the trend in fashion and beauty is nature. More is natural the better. If you still have weak nails and would like to strengthen them, we recommend gel nails for their natural appearance: to the sight and touch. The possibilities of coloring and decorating them are numerous.

Stylish nail decorating idea

deco nail gel black golden idea design trend beauty

False nails are unsightly and impractical. Moreover, we always see that they are fake! Gel nails are a good compromise between false nails and permanent and lasting varnish.

A nail decoration gel with natural varnish

nail decoration deco idea fake nail reinforcement nail idea

Deco trend elegant gel nail

deco nail gel idea varnish purple

Decorative gel nails in pastel colors

deco nail gel idea trend

Nail art with glossy varnish

deco nail gel pose nail polish idea

Original idea of ​​association of varnish of different colors

nail polish nail polish

Small decorative detail: white kittens

small decorative detail deco nail gel deco idea false nails

Elegant manicure with varnish Chanel

trend nail deco nail polish color idea deco nail gel

Trendy color for this summer

deco nail gel green idea trend drawings

A classic with decorative details

deco nail gel transparent idea pose false nail deco nail gel

Nail decoration idea by with varnish O.P.I .

pose nail gel idea trend manicure deco nail gel

Original drawings: very nice color association

deco nail gel drawing idea

Manicure in black very elegant

deco nail polish gel nois drawings ideas

Idea of ​​manicure with green and bright touch

deco nail gel idea decoration green transparent varnish trend

Manicure for woman cartoon effect

deco nail tendanca manicure pink white trend

deco violet gel nail polish flower designs

natural manicure idea nail trend beauty

decoration gel nail decorating idea

deco nail trend idea modern manicure

manicure deco nail gel varnish green gold

shine nail polish idea pink purple

pose false nail deco gel idea

idea manicure gel deco nails

varnished gel nail decorating idea idea

manicure deco nail gel idea color varnish

nail polish nail black and white idea

Do you like fruits?

We love this idea of ​​manicure woman in white with fruit drawings: perfect for vegetarians!

drawings nails trend original idea

For a unique manicure, dare flashy colors! In spring and summer, we experiment with nuances.

pose nail polish idea green nail color summer trend

Blue has always been a trend - in interior design, fashion and manicure! No matter which shade you choose, dark blue, pastel, light or sky, the blue painted nails are elegant and easy to match with any kind of casual or elegant garment.

pose false deco nail gel idea trend manicure

French Manicure

The French manicure, translated "French manicure" is one of the most popular nail makeup technique by women for its natural and elegant look. It is to accentuate the natural beauty of her nails. This method consists of apply, firstly, a base of very light and pastel color varnish over the entire nail, called base coat in English. Then, apply a white polish on the edge of the nail to make it look longer. This method of nail makeup was invented in the United States in the 1970s.

nail varnish gel trend pose false nails

Idea of ​​French Manicure modern interpretation with a golden dash

decoration nail gel idea manicure

With the French Manicure you can make your nails look longer without applying gel nails or artificial nails.

gel nail poses trend faux nail polish trend

deco nail gel idea form varnish manicure

manicure trend idea fake nails black deco

nail polish trendy gel pose

Beautiful and very original manicure with star drawings

nail gel nail polish idea decoration

The classic red manicure: combination of elegance and style

Ah, the classic red ... The red manicure is one of the great classics when it comes to makeup your nails. Associated with the elegance, the thirties and American and French actresses of the time, the red goes to all and is revealed beautifully bright and stylish.

nail gel idea varnish red black modern trend manicure

We can vary the classic red with other colors of the same range: dark pink, pastel orange and many others.

Manicure in dark pink and pastel

varnish trend color idea

We love this pastel orange polish color

red nail polish idea nail modern trend

Nail designs became a real trend in the 2000s. Nail art is practiced nowadays by many women and continues to inspire others. Having a beautiful manicure all flowery and colorful, it's great, but do not forget that it must subsequently match with his outfit! Kitsch is not very fashionable anymore ...

Light blue woman manicure with rose drawings, photo and idea: Copycat Claws

drawing nails idea pink flowers

Idea of ​​manicure for woman inspiration rainbow

nail manicure idea artistic modern design

Cute strawberry inspired manicure idea by Nails of Blue

Nails deco idea gel summer trend manicure

Do you prefer cherries? Photo: Nail Nerd

nail polish trend nail gel idea

Our advice: dare all colors and any kind of drawing. Experiment and affirm your unique and inimitable style! Be creative and have fun with your nails ...

Many beauticians prefer OPI quality nail polish

polish trend nail idea modern opi nail lacquer

Manicure in gray with white flowers: easy idea to make oneself

gray gel nail drawings flowers idea

Shiny gray and black with flower designs

decoration nail idea nail gel gray black trend

Manicure in black and gold? It's elegant and stylish, look:

nail manicure idea black nail polish golden design trend beauty

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