Deco nails - 40 ideas in color for the summer

deco nails yellow summer pink polish

Nail art has become a very popular trend among girls around the world. Because we girls love to put colors and original patterns on our nails to feel even more beautiful!

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My trends are changing and getting a one-color manicure is no longer fashionable. Today's girls love multicolored nails with interesting patterns and in this article we will give you 40 ideas of deco nails for summer.

Deco nails in summer colors

deco nail color yellow varnish ideas

Summer is a wonderful and a little lazy season in which you usually feel a lot more inspired and artistic. We tend to go out more and have more fun. Things like spending a day at the beach or doing yoga or spending the night outside are things that are not strange to us. And where there is creativity, free time and longer, sunny days, there is also a strong desire to get nails. Summer makes with our nails exactly what spring does with nature! It's the opposite in winter when the shades are dark and rather monochrome.

Nails decorated in neon shades

deco nails summer red spring

The deco nails Summer is like a holiday in the sun, even if you're at work in the office. And if you're stuck in the office doing photocopies instead of being at the beach, there's nothing better than a cheerful manicure to put you in a good mood. Opt for tropical shades and refreshing patterns and you'll immediately feel better.

Nails decorated for the summer

deco nail polish color summer spring idea

In 2015 we continue to celebrate bright and vibrant colors, the neon manicure is still fashionable. Choose pink, green or yellow or wear them together for even more effect. Floral patterns are also a good option for girls who want to add a retro touch to their look. Or you can create a tropical paradise on your nails by drawing pineapples for example - it's perfect to go to the beach! What works for the beach too are the shells or the palm trees - make them in gold or silver to accentuate your manicure. Do not forget the french manicure but do it in colors other than the classic colors. It can be very interesting and original. Here are 40 ideas that will certainly inspire you how to decorate your nails in summer:

Elegant nails in silver

deco nail shine ete varnish silver

Original nail decoration idea for summer

deco white blue nails

Nail polish color for the summer

deco nails colors neon

Nail decoration for spring and summer

deco nail colors summer

Nail polish color for the summer

deco nail summer idea

Idea of ​​nail polish and nail art for summer

deco nails summer original idea

Nails decorated in yellow

deco nails modern summer

Idea of ​​nail decor for the summer

deco nails summer neon

French manicure original

deco nails original summer

French manicure with black and white

deco nail french manicure

French manicure with floral motifs

deco nails floral motifs

Floral manicure

deco nail original designs

Nail art in beige and pink

pink beige nails decoration

Elegant manicure in pastel pink

pastel pink nail decoration

Nail decoration idea

french manicure original idea

french manicure floral patterns

original deco idea

nail decoration idea

summer nails decoration idea

butterfly nail decoration

pink nails decoration idea

interesting idea sophistic nails

nail idea is trendy

original idea decoration nail

original idea nails summer

french manicure nail art

black white nail art

nail art shiny shades

nails golden beige deco

nails deco flowers sunflower

deco nails happy shades

nails deco shades red yellow

white orange deco nails

white rose deco nails

original design nails

original summer nails

pink summer nails

interesting nails patterns

nails floral motifs

original nails

white blue original nails

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