Deco small bathroom: artistic bathroom

deco small bathroom design

Create a Deco small bathroom Artistic is not something very easy considering the limited space in the room and also the humidity.

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Today, we'll give you some tips on how to develop your creativity and get out of clichés to create a Deco small bathroom artistic, modern and original. You will also discover 25 photos that will give you even more interesting decorative ideas.

Deco small bathroom with accent wall design

deco small bathroom design 1

The wall decoration is very important in the small bathroom. If you love art, you can decorate multiple paintings with frames similar to the color of your walls. So you will create a coherent decor and very beautiful. Do not be afraid to get out of the cliché that the bathroom must necessarily be decorated in light colors. You can very well put the bathroom walls in a darker color that will play the role of background and then decorate with artistic paintings to create contrast. Another very original idea is to make a decoration with wall stickers.

Deco small bathroom with small sculptures

deco small modern bathroom

The sculptures also have their place in the Deco small bathroom . You just have to be careful when choosing them - the size should, of course, be appropriate to your bathroom size. The same goes for retro, vintage, antique or contemporary styles. The mosaic tile is another option for the decoration of the small bathroom. You can decorate the whole room, the shower or the bath or simply make an accent wall. Here are some original ideas for the artistic decor of the small modern bathroom:

Deco small elegant bathroom with mosaic

deco small elegant bathroom

Small bathroom design in black and white

deco small bathroom black white

Small bathroom decorated with artistic sculpture

deco small bathroom sculpture

Bathroom deco idea with wall sticker

deco small bathroom decals

Elegant bathroom decoration in white

deco small bathroom paintings art

Small bathroom design moose

small bathroom decoration

Artistic bathroom in black and white

decoration small modern bathroom

small bathroom deco

idee deco small bathroom

idea deco bathroom design

original bathroom deco idea

small bathroom deco idea

small bathroom wall deco

small bathroom deco wallpaper

small contemporary bathroom design

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