Deco small space apartment: modern and design ideas

deco modern apartment ideas

The simplicity of the small apartment is something very beautiful in itself. It does not matter if it is a modern bed hidden behind a curtain or a small multifunctional kitchen.

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There are several ways to make a apartment decor small creative space and original. The studios we are going to introduce today are all contemporary and very chic and illustrate the idea of ​​living in an open plan space.

Deco small space apartment in gray and white

deco apartment small design living room

The first small apartment we are going to present to you has been decorated by Igor Glushan for an employee of modern technologies. The apartment decor is relatively simple with a color palette in gray and white and the space is in this way very adaptable to different personalities. Of course, the neutral colors are there to visually open the space and create a warm and welcoming decor.

Deco small space apartment: the modern bedroom space

deco apartment small space bedroom

The second apartment you will discover on the pictures is called "Bois & Pierre" and it is only 50 m2. Decorating a tiny apartment means always finding a place to sleep comfortably, without losing too much space or sleeping on a sofa. The decorator of this apartment found the ideal solution by creating a visual separation using wooden slats without completely hiding the bedroom space.

Modern and practical apartment decor idea

deco apartment small space

The third apartment has many similarities with the first two. Like, for example, the neutral color palette. But in this apartment you will see more natural elements, wood and marble, which create a warmer decor. The balcony with an outdoor dining area allows the occupants of this apartment to have more free space indoors without sacrificing comfort. Contemplate the photos, chosen especially for you:

Deco small bedroom

deco apartment small space modern room

Idea of ​​dining room decor

deco modern apartment dining room

Deco small kitchen open to dining room

deco small apartment kitchen

Dressing room small space decorated in wood

deco small apartment dressing 1

Small bathroom decorated in neutral colors

deco modern apartment bathroom

Bathroom design and practice

small bathroom deco

deco lounge-breakfast room-2

deco apartment design idea

modern apartment decoration idea

deco small modern kitchen

deco small dining room

deco dressing small apartment 2

idea of ​​deco entrance small apartment

deco small modern balcony

small space bathroom deco

deco-modern lounge-breakfast 3



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