Deco staircase: ideas to customize your staircase

deco stairs stickers idee

Would you like to decorate or renovate your staircase? Deco stairs is a fun way to personalize or renovate this part of your home. We are all looking for ways to customize our homes and yet we rarely think about decorating our stairs.

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Let your creativity express itself with the staircase deco!

Deco staircase: choose your method

deco modern staircase design

There are several methods of decorating a wooden staircase that we will introduce you here. The most common method is to paint or repaint your staircase. But, instead of just monochrome wooden steps, you can try a combination of two different colors instead. This type of decoration can be achieved with neutral colors, such as black and white, that can be easily harmonized with the color of the wood. For a more original decoration, you could also paint your staircase in a bright color, such as orange. By the way, painting gives you other possibilities, like for example, painting a carpet passing over a white staircase. Finally, you can also paint the steps of your staircase in different colors. A good solution in this case would be to choose various shades of a single color. We offer several examples of stairs painted in photos.

Deco ideas in color

paint stairs renovation color

Another deco staircase idea can be realized easily with stickers or wallpaper. Stickers with quotes or numbers are a nice complementary form of decoration for white stair treads. As for the decoration with wallpaper, it gives you the possibility to create an original look for each step. You can make a staircase deco with interesting visual effects, such as shapes geometric or even mosaics. Finally, if you like to draw, you can also decide to decorate each step by hand. This solution will give your staircase an artisanal and original look. For all of our deco staircase ideas, check out our selection of photos below!

Multicolored wooden staircase decoration

deco staircase multicolored wood

Deco stairway idea: paint a carpet pass

deco modern stair carpet passage

Stair decoration with patterns

decoration staircase renovate color painting

Decoration of two wooden stairs

decoration white stairs repainted white blue

Colorful original stair decoration

deco stairs paint steps colors paint

Interesting idea for deco staircase

decorate wooden stairs staircase renovation

Decoration and renovation for wooden staircase with wallpaper and paint

decorate stairs with wallpapers steps mosaics

Wooden stair decoration with patterns that can be painted by hand

deco staircase paint wood for renovation

Decorative modern staircase with paint by DIY Network

decoration modern stairs repainted

Wooden and black staircase decoration

paint black stairs wood

Idea to decorate or renovate a staircase with mosaic effect

decorate stair step visual effects

deco stairway repaint wood walk

decorate stairs library repaint steps

black stairs and wood renovation steps

repainting blue white staircase with decorations

deco stairway paint passage renovation

deco wooden staircase sticky sticker

deco stair-painted blue-shades-text

renovate stairs repaint steps idea

idea for repainting stairs renovations and decorations

blue wood stairs decorate interior

white paint stairs decorations

stairs mosaics decorate wooden steps wallpaper

black and white decorations for wooden staircase texts

paint interior stairs colors

decorate wooden steps white green wallpapers

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