Deco studio: 25 interior design ideas

small apartment studio

Our beautiful selection of 25 images offers a series of clever ideas to overcome the difficulties associated with the studio decor and small flats . Made by professionals, these interiors offer tenants and small-scale homeowners two design solutions to create distinctive and modern interior spaces.

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Idea of ​​studio decor: adopt a unique style for the entire interior space

deco interior design studio

The first approach, illustrated by this apartment with design by Yo Dezeen is to adopt a single style of decoration for the entire interior space. The advantages of this solution: it results in a harmonious and balanced space where you immediately feel at ease. Its disadvantage? The uniform interior space may seem too monotonous, which would not be suitable for those who want to give free rein to their creative potential.

Idea of ​​deco studio with zones in different styles by Roşca Vadim

small studio interior design

Unlike the first solution, the second option is to decorate each part of the interior in a different style. It gives much more freedom to the inhabitants but it also requires a rigorous planning of all the areas of the apartment. This is an essential step especially for open houses where all corners of the decor will be exposed continuously to the eyes of tenants or owners.

Studio Deco and Luxury Interior Design by Studio O

decoration studio interior design

These two approaches therefore each have advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed before retaining one or the other for the layout of your studio . Whatever your decision, know that living in a small apartment does not mean to deprive oneself of the possibility of having a beautiful interior, nor that of having furniture and accessories modern and luxurious. We take as evidence the rest of our 25 images:

Idea of ​​studio layout with interior design

idee deco studio small apartments

Idea of ​​deco studio with bedroom design

deco idea studio bedroom design

Small kitchen studio layout

deco idea kitchen studio

Small apartment decor with modern design interior

ideas small space deco

Mini bathroom with shower

ideas studio deco modern bathroom

Deco studio and small apartment design by Yo Dezeen

studio and small apartment decor

modern studio decor design

deco studio small modern kitchens

ideas deco studio development small dressing room

deco studio room design

deco studio bathroom modern design

deco modern studio bathroom

modern studio decoration ideas

modern interior design studio decoration

interior design studios decoration

home deco house interior

interior design studio design

idea studio object decoration

interior photo studio furniture design

photo deco studio bedroom

studio photos interior design

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