Deco studio and small apartment: 4 remarkable examples

deco studio furniture room separation piece

The limitations imposed by a small area housing can push professionals to show more originality in the studio and apartment decor.

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This is the case in these four recently completed interiors, each of which can be cited as an example of a creative solution for small space development.

Deco studio and small apartment design: 4 remarkable examples

photo decoration apartment furniture small space

The deco ideas you will discover will help you decorate a small home, find space saving solutions and stylish and practical interior design at a time. You can also take a look at the plans of these mini homes that will help you better spot all the details of their interiors.

Deco studio and small apartment of 32 square meters¹

deco studio ideas of wc bathroom

The decorators of this dwelling, which occupies a total of 32 square meters, preferred to bet on a palette of neutral colors. This is a choice that leaves very little room for possible mistakes in the development of small interiors. The main flaw of the apartments dominated by this type of colors being the absence of personal touches, they also decided to remedy this problem by playing with the light and with the forms. It is therefore a small apartment whose decoration is based on classic and elegant solutions.

Idea of ​​deco studio: furniture of separation of contemporary room

deco studio furniture bedroom amenagement

In these types of apartments, it is often necessary to separate the space into several areas and to adapt them to different activities. Furniture and room separation walls are thus important tools in the work of decorators. When they are not strong, they let light through the room and are a nice alternative to glass partitions.

Deco studio: the console as a furniture space saving

deco studio modern style small furniture design

Those who have lived in a studio or small apartment are well aware: to feel good in this kind of space, we must choose functional furniture that can meet all our needs. A console takes up much less space than a desk and can act as a vanity table, a support table and a work space at home.

Contemporary studio decor with practical kitchen

deco studio layout small contemporary kitchen

The small kitchen of this studio is arranged following an L-shaped plan. It also has a small and friendly bar. Since it is far from the windows, it has built-in LED lighting and lacquered white surfaces that provide enough light for the countertops and the sink.

Deco studio and kitchen equipped in L

deco studio kitchen small kitchen

Gone are the days when small kitchens were not suitable for cooking healthy dishes. Thanks to modern solutions, you can find a compact and versatile kitchen equipment that is no different from larger kitchens. So even the smallest spaces of this type have enough storage space and an oven.

Color for bathroom small space

deco studio develop a mini bathroom

Deco of small bathroom with toilet

deco studio ideas bathroom wc small spaces

As in the main room, in the bathroom of the apartment, the dominant color palette is that of neutral shades. It is perfectly suited to the appearance of space that is simple and practical. The shower enclosure chosen for this mini bathroom is a model adapted to the surface with two sliding doors that form an angle.

Plan of mini bathroom design

deco studio plan mini bathroom space saving

Storage is an essential part of bathroom deco, no matter how big or small it is. Here, it is recessed on the wall. The large number of open shelves is sufficient for storing all the accessories of a bathroom.

Plan of house: small studio of 32 square meters

interior design studio interior plans

In short, all of this interior shows that small dwellings are no longer necessarily synonymous with an ascetic lifestyle. Comfort, elegance and healthy living can certainly coexist in studios and mini apartments of this kind.

Deco studio with vintage sliding doors²

how to develop a furniture design studio

The second home we examine in this publication is a modern apartment with a few touches of vintage and industrial style. It occupies an area of ​​29.9 square meters where are incorporated many very interesting decorative solutions. Among these are the sliding style doors that give access to the bedroom. The white color of this space separation unit makes the interior brighter and creates an impressive contrast with the dark-hued wood floor.

Studio decoration object: linear fireplace

arrange his apartment contemporary decoration

Again, in this apartment, we see that the time when small surfaces do not allow comfortable decorations is over. Today, one can even have a fireplace in a studio of less than 30 square meters. For that, it is enough to adopt an original model as, for example, the one with linear fire which is installed along the windows to cross a part of the room!

Photo of small bedroom and deco studio design

ideas deco small room photo

Enjoying enough privacy thanks to the sliding doors, the bedroom is an area that exhibits a lot of personality. An original 3D wallpaper adorns one of the white walls. The bed, installed on a marble platform is also drowned in this peaceful color. It contrasts with touches of red color found on bedding, paintings and decorative objects.

Studio layout: idea of ​​space organization

Part separation sliding door studio

These two classic colors are complemented by some black ornaments that bring more balance to this beautiful area of ​​the apartment. Large format mirrors are always a good solution for studio decoration; this room benefits from two advantages which, in particular, bring more light and a visual enlargement of the volume of the room.

How to build a small dressing room

small closet space

In addition to the kitchen and bathroom small housing, there is another area that was traditionally neglected in the past. This is the dressing room. Fortunately, nowadays decorators care about the comfort of the inhabitants of the mini homes and find solutions to give them enough clothes storage space. Among the most practical ideas, there is that mobilized here: hide part of the interior by means of sliding doors to install a spacious dressing room.

Idea decoration of small bathroom of industrial design

landscaping studio rooflets small spaces partitions

House drawing: studio of 29.9 square meters

home drawings small studio photos

The small bathrooms are transformed into real jewels when they are decorated in a practical and original way. In this apartment, the space devoted to the bathroom is decorated in industrial style, with original touches such as a saloon of aspect recycle.

Furnishing small apartment design³

studio deco industrial interior idea

Covering an area of ​​44 square meters, our next interior is slightly larger than the previous two. What interests us above all here is the way we used bright colors. They are combined to introduce into the living space a more dynamic and original air without their presence being too overwhelming.

Photo of interior design of small contemporary apartment

decoration apartment design small furniture

To achieve such an effect, the decorators of the apartment played with furniture and surfaces of neutral hues such as, for example, the couch or accent walls in dark tones. The choice of small furniture of original design (Helge Sibas, Studio Borella) is another element that contributed to the look of the room.

Small space decor colors

furnishing apartment furniture kitchen bar

When you want to partially delimit your kitchen from the rest of the interior space, islets and bars are probably the best solution.

Idea of ​​accent wall and deco of small apartment

color painting studio small space

This is an option so friendly and popular, it is used willingly even in apartments that are lucky enough to have a space reserved for a dining room.

How to optimize the lighting of a small apartment

ideas deco small apartment contemporary deco

The accent walls in bright or intense colors are one of the trends at the moment and this apartment is a good example of why these elements of decoration are so popular.

Small apartment decoration and contemporary dining room

to develop his house small studio idea

Idea of ​​decoration - apartment wall

small apartment design photo wall deco

When playing with dark colors, we must also find ways to invite more light into the room. Clearing unnecessary furniture space, opening (or removing) curtains and using surfaces that reflect the sun's rays are among the most used options in these cases.

Small kitchen photo

small space kitchen arrangement

Finally, let's take a look at another 30-square-meter studio whose decor takes advantage of the beautiful combination of white and wood. To maximize the interior space, the decorators of this small area have used modular furniture and another solution that has become classic: the mezzanine bed with desk.

Studio deco with wooden mezzanine bed 4

furniture loft bed wood ideas

Thanks to these two solutions, the interior space is open and bright. The decorators have been able to find enough space for the layout of a linear kitchen with lacquered surfaces and even a large screen for relaxing evenings as a couple or with friends!

Contemporary style studio apartment with mezzanine office

mezzanine office deco studio idea

In bright and unobtrusive interiors like this apartment, the small designer furniture draws particular attention. A chair (Thonet B9), a bar, a desk lamp ... these are the kind of pieces of furniture that can be used to make your mini home more chic without cluttering it or spending a fortune!

Idea of ​​modern small studio decor

furniture storage deco apartment contemporary style

Design studio deco: small bathroom in black and white

bathroom space saving ideas small areas

In the same spirit, the decoration of the mini bathroom is of refined elegance. Evidenced by mosaics and wall ornaments in black and white.

Deco studio and small home storage idea

bicycle storage studio small apartment

Plan of apartment and studio of 30 square meters

drawing house small surface layout

¹Dà © co studio visualized by Daria Elnikova, â € œVisualization by Dean Mezhevova, â € Inside viewed ArqRenderz, 4 Deco studio viewed by Anton Nikolaichuk

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