Deco terrace and balcony: 25 ideas for a feminine and pretty look

deco terrace balcony boho chic

How to revamp an outdoor space to give it a touch of feminine elegance? We offer you answers with 25 ideas deco terrace and balcony. This article is for anyone who wants to build a beautiful terrace or balcony and give it an elegant and feminine look.

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Discover, below, the styles and the accessories which will allow you to obtain this look!

Deco terrace and balcony: how to create a feminine and pretty look for the outdoor area

deco terrace cushions feminine fabrics

Let's look first at the styles that should be used to get a deco terrace and feminine balcony: these are shabby chic style, vintage, contemporary and bohemian chic. All of these styles are characterized by a rich and elegant decoration that makes us think of quiet and peaceful moments. At the same time, all of these styles allow you to mix accessories and colors to create an exterior that suits your personality.

Deco terrace and feminine balcony with nice garden furniture

ideas deco terrace table chairs garden furniture

Which colors to choose for an outdoor decoration of this type? The shades most often associated with feminine elegance are pink, blue, red and white. An easy and pretty way to decorate a terrace with a feminine look is to use natural or white wood furniture. So, for example, you can choose a sofa, a hanging bed in vintage style or a small garden Lounge . Use these furniture as a central part of your terrace deco . Garden furniture made of resin or rattan, as well as wrought iron furniture, is also a very good choice for the base of a feminine decor.

Deco terrace woman bohemian style

outdoor landscaping pretty terraces bohemian chic

All these pieces of furniture, in the style that you prefer, can then be complemented by various accessories, in various shades of the colors of which we spoke. In terms of accessories, the choice is very abundant: starting with pretty fabrics and cushions, through candles and lamps, to finish with some beautiful plants. To find the best accessories for your deco terrace or balcony, you can consult the images that follow.

Idea for pretty terrace decoration with Scandinavian motifs

deco idea terrace scandinavian carpets

Beautiful terrace decoration with suspended bed

deco terrace style chic boho hanging bed

Ideas for terrace or balcony female decor with garden furniture

terrace decoration rustic garden lounges

Sympathetic terrace decoration with pergola and climbing plants

deco pergola terraces shabby chic

Small garden furniture and deco terrace

decorations terraces small garden lounges

Deco ideas terrace and garden beds with feminine look

decoration terraces ideas garden beds

balcony women's decor white small tables outdoor

feminine decorations terraces vintage chic ideas

pretty terrace decoration ideas living room garden

outdoor decoration ideas colors pink white terrace

deco feminine furniture garden wrought iron

woman ideas deco terrace bench

idea decoration terraces sofas vintage romantic

female deco hammock romantic terrace

feminine decoration white shabby chic garden

terrace and garden cushions pink decoration

white and pink outdoor decoration

decorations terraces design Scandinavian balcony

outdoor decor benches terrace landscaping

arrangement balconies decoration female garden furniture wood

deco feminine fresh grass balconies and terraces

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