Deco terrace: the Greek-style and Mediterranean-style terrace

deco terrace Greek-islands-bed garden

As summer approaches, one begins to imagine more and more on a terrace while relaxing and sipping delicious cocktails. But you do not have to be on holiday in Greece to feel good, because it is quite possible to create a deco terrace inspired by the style of the Greek islands and the Mediterranean style at home!

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By far, Greece is a unique and charming place, known as the perfect destination for a holiday.

Modern terrace with pool

deco terrace greek islands swimming pool

With its white houses on the rocks and touches of blue, green and red, architecture and Greek style are always dreaming. In case you want to incorporate the decoration of the Greek islands in the decoration of your outdoor space, do not hesitate to experiment with the color and the typical elements. In case you have trouble finding the perfect mix of Mediterranean style, there are plenty of ideas that can help you to get inspired and in this article you will find lots of interesting suggestions.

Terrace decoration inspired by the Greek islands

deco terrace furniture braid

Garden fences with intricate wrought iron designs, original and comfortable outdoor furniture, colorful wall art and terracotta floor tiles - the Mediterranean influence can be everywhere! By adding even one touch of this decor on your terrace, you will immediately transport yourself, imaginarily, to the most beautiful places of holidays in Greece.

Design terrace with patio and pool

deco terrace greece modern pool

If you've ever seen an image of the city of Santorini - one of the most visited cities in Greece - you've certainly noticed the beautiful white houses that stand out from the stone facade of the caldera. The white color is probably the most popular color in Greece as it helps to illuminate and visually enlarge smaller spaces. Do not hesitate to paint the walls of your house in white, as well as the garden fence to accentuate the Greek decor of your terrace. But just because the walls of your house or terrace are white, you will not be able to opt for touches of color in the form of furniture or accessories.

Traditional style Greek terrace made of wood and stone

deco terrace large dining table

And speaking of accessories, the Greek decor is characterized by touches of bright colors. Once you have your walls blank, then you can start incorporating your favorite color on your deck. Do not forget that blue and white are the colors of the Greek flag and for good reasons - these are the shades of the Mediterranean Sea. Yellow and natural green are also perfect choices, but you can choose red or pink as well. However, in any case avoid overloading the space in color - the Greek decor is simple and uncluttered.

Modern wooden terrace layout

deco terrace design wood

And finally, you will certainly never find a terrace or garden in Greece that does not have at least one green plant that grows at the same time indoors and outdoors. You can decorate your terrace with beautiful flowers and also with fresh garden herbs that you will then use to splice your meals. Opt for flower pots as a centerpiece on the terrace and to illuminate and refresh the decoration.

Terrace with original decoration in white

deco terrace modern Greek islands

Traditional terrace with wooden furniture

deco terrace greek islands

Small white terrace with comfortable sofa

deco white terrace greece

Modern terrace with wooden patio and braided furniture

deco pool terrace modern pergola

Deco Greek terrace with two sun loungers

deco terrace lounge chairs design

decoration terrace decoration Greek Islands

deco terrace design deco

small deco terrace

deco small terrace greece

decoration small stone terrace

decoration terrace tiled floor

terrace design furniture decoration

stone design terrace decoration

decoration terrace idea furniture

decoration terrace Greek Islands

decoration terrace greek islands white

modern jacuzzi terrace

terrace decoration mediterrannene pergola

terrace decoration design furniture

modern terrace decoration idea

decoration terrace modern furniture wood

modern pool terrace decoration

deco terrace design modern furniture

deco Greek terrace blue chairs

deco terrace luxury greek islands

deco terrace luxury modern pool

deco modern Greek terrace

deco terrace patio pool

deco terrace pergola swimming pool

deco terrace small Greek islands

deco terrace swimming pool design

deco terrace pool furniture wood

deco terrace modern pool

deco terrace style greece idea

deco terrace Mediterranean style

deco terrace wood table

terrace decoration stone idea

terrace design deco furniture

terrace design pool patio

terrace design veranda idea

terrace pergola wood swimming pool

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