Deco toilet and bathroom fresh, original, elegant ...

decoration toilet idea flowers furniture bathroom design white

The toilets are a place where you do not spend a lot of time, but when you're there, you like to feel comfortable to take a shower and wash in peace.

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Indeed, it is an important place in our living space. Today, we decided to present several ideas of toilet decor original, elegant and fresh in 25 inspiring examples ...

Toilet decoration with flowers and small ceramic owl figurine

decoration toilet flower design armchair bathroom modern

In reality, one of the long-term decorations is the wallpaper. If you like it and you have a preference for a concrete pattern, you can always put interesting wallpaper to decorate this space. We also recommend that you put an original floor mat that will play a decorative function, but also practical: you would be hot feet when you use the toilet.

Vegetable decoration and abstract painting

toilet design deco idea frame plant wallpaper bathroom

The top of the toilet decor, it's the flowers . They cool the air, they are aesthetic. Once out of date, you can put more. In this way, you will have a different decoration each week. At the same time, it would be better to put pots of flowers because it is more respectful of nature. Plants and flowers in pots will also provide a better cooling of the air in the room.

Toilet decoration: bouquet of elegant white tulips

deco toilet idea flowers furniture bathroom wood green design

You can also invite the art and install some pretty frames above, in front of or next to the toilet. Below, a bathroom decorated with an abstract work. A good idea is to put magazines and books beside your toilet: a decoration and a pleasant reading at the same time!

Decoration vegetable impressive and abstract work

decoration toilet bathroom vegetation bathtub luxury abstract art

Idea of paper painted and floral decoration for the toilet

deco toilet wallpaper bathroom flowers washbasin

Bouquet of orange, white and yellow flowers

arrange small bathroom deco toilet

Luxurious bathroom with elegant floral decoration

deco bathroom toilet flowers bathtub design curtain

Kitsch wallpaper

bathroom toilet original idea wallpaper

Elegant white interior bathroom and design

decorate bathroom white design deco toilet

toilet decoration wc idea design

deco bathroom toilet table frame candles

layout bathroom wc deco toilet

bathroom decoration toilet mirror wood furniture

bathroom wallpaper toilet deco frames

deco toilet wall frame idea

deco idea original bathroom toilet

deco-toilet-paper-umbrella-painted bath-tub

wc design deco toilet mirror wallpaper

arrange bathroom toilet deco tub flowers

wc idea decoration mirror red flower furniture wood curtain

floral decoration bathroom design toilet

decorate bathroom deco design toilet frame

deco idea toilet candles wc design

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