Deco zen toilet: create a harmonious atmosphere

deco zen toilet idea plant floor mat sink modern

The toilets welcome us several times a day, so their layout and their decoration are not to be neglected. Often bland and uninteresting, the W.C. deserve to be a nice and beautiful space.

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Today, we will present our 23 ideas of toilet decor Zen or how to make your toilet interior a modern and harmonious place inspired by Japanese culture.

Deco zen toilet: nature is one of the essential elements to create a harmonious atmosphere

decoration toilet idea interior modern zen bathtub

To create a harmonious and zen atmosphere in your toilet or your bathroom, first of all you have to start by installing a beautiful vegetation. Choose one or more pots flowers, bouquets or dry flowers. We recommend to opt for the flower pots. Cultivated plants have a longer life and provide good aeration. In addition, they are living organisms. The bouquets of flowers are pretty, but perishable.

Deco zen toilet: corner of the bathroom decorated with statuettes of Buddha

toilet idea deco bathtub white statuette modern idea wood towel

In general, to create a Zen atmosphere or a decoration called "Japanese", interior designers often install statuettes of Buddha . It is the symbol of inner balance.

Dark interior with vegetation and original decorative objects

idea arrangement toilet deco fixture hanging plant green furniture wood floor tile

You can also install bamboo objects. In Japanese culture bamboo is very present. It's wood that can be used for everything: build, eat, tinker and decorate!

Nature invites herself in the toilet

decoration zen toilet idea wood plant bamboo mirror wooden furniture

White plants or orchids

deco bathroom zen bathroom flowers idea bathtub

deco toilet zen bamboo plant stone idea

deco zen toilet idea plant harmony

deco zen bathroom idea toilet frame plant shower stall

deco idea zen toilet green plant flowerpot bathtub

deco zen toilet idea floor rug brown wood stone

japanese bathroom decoration idea toilet plant stone

decoration deco toilet zen idea original boir mirror sink stone

decoration flowers toilet bathroom idea original interior gray modern

decoration idea bathroom toilet bathtub white plant

harmony bathroom water basin idea landscaping

deco toilet zen idea flowers mirror wall

bathroom zen idea deco bathtub beige modern plant cactus floor mats khaki

deco bathroom zen toilet idea orchid

interior modern toilet deco bathtub

toilet deco idea wc parquet wood plant

bathroom deco idea statue buddha

modern bathroom idea interior design gray design sink white flowers

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