Decorate a small apartment: everything you need to know

decorate a small apartment ideas

Come on, you have a tiny apartment and you do not know how to decorate it? Decorate a small flat is certainly not easy, but it can easily turn into a very fun challenge.

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After all, everyone can afford to have a lot of furniture in a big house, but to make a small apartment both beautiful and functional requires a lot of creativity and ingenuity at the same time. Many people think that decorate a small flat Above all, it means that you have to focus on functionality, not design. But this is by no means true. Your apartment may be small, but that does not mean it can not be modern. Here are some rules to follow to make your job easier.

Decorate a small modern apartment

decorate a small apartment

It is very important that the interior of your small apartment is multifunctional. One of the easiest ways to optimize space is by buying multifunctional furniture. This can be beds with storage, ottomans that open to store your belongings inside, armchairs that turn into beds and coffee tables with drawers. Take a tour of the shops and you will certainly find some very beautiful and practical pieces.

Small apartment kitchen decoration

decorate a small apartment bar

Interior decorators have a secret weapon when they want to make a room look bigger - the mirrors! These reflect the light and this will help you create an illusion of a wider space. Replace cabinet doors with decorative mirrors and choose furniture with lacquered and mirrored surfaces. It is a decorative secret really very effective.

Small apartment with bedroom and workspace in the same place

decorate a small apartment bedroom design

When you have to decorate a studio or a very small apartment, delimit the different spaces, such as the living room of the dining room, can be very difficult. What will help you is to place and arrange the furniture so that you can visually distinguish the spaces. Use room dividers can help you enlarge the space in your apartment or studio.

Small apartment decoration in beige shades

decorate a small design apartment

A very simple method that can help you succeed in the illusion that your apartment is more spacious is to decorate with light colors. Use different shades of the same color to brighten the decor, but opt ​​for lighter shades. It is also recommended to limit your choice to the two main colors so as not to overload the decor of your apartment. So a simple color scheme like black and white can really work wonders.

Idea of ​​small apartment

decorate a small apartment design 1

Speaking of overloaded deco, you should also be very careful to keep your decor simple and your interior tidy. Smart storage solutions are essential when you decorate a small space and you must try to limit trinkets. Avoid stacking papers on the table and leaving your keys and books on the coffee table in the living room.

Practical deco of small apartment

decorate a small contemporary apartment

Here's another very easy tip - tall furniture can create the illusion that the ceiling of your apartment is even higher. Opt for tables, chairs and sofas with taller feet. And the bar tables are a great idea for the decor of your kitchen. What you can also do is make your interior as bright as possible. Avoid heavy blinds and curtains that block light, let it pass through windows. Keep blinds and curtains open throughout the day.

Designer bedroom in a small apartment

decorate a small apartment bedroom

Contemporary decoration of small apartment

deco apartment contemporary style

Elegant decoration of small contemporary apartment

deco appart modern design

Apartment decoration with glazed wall

deco apartment bedroom design

deco apartment original color

modern design apartment deco

deco apartment idea room

deco small bedroom apartment

deco apartment small space

deco contemporary style apartment

deco appart contemporary style

small apartment design decoration

contemporary design small apartment decoration

decoration small apartment original design

decoration small apartment idea

original small apartment decoration

practical small apartment decoration

decorate a small modern contemporary apartment

decorate a small kitchen apartment

decorate a small functional apartment

decorate a small apartment idee design

deco small apartment ikea

decorate a small loft apartment

decorate a small apartment furniture

decorate a small modern apartment

decorate a small apartment clear shades

decorate a small apartment dining room

decorate a small apartment modern dining room

decorate a small apartment living room

decorate a small Scandinavian-style apartment

elegant apartment deco idea

apartment deco idea small space

apartment deco idea

deco apartment small gray

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