Decorate your garden ... naturally?

decorate your garden ideas wood deco nature

Spring has finally arrived, your garden landscaped and ready to welcome your guests! Have you ever thought about which decorations to choose for your exterior? The ideas are of course many.

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For your convenience, we have selected several inspiring examples of how decorate your garden in a practical way, easy and without breaking the bank. In reality, the garden is in itself a decoration of your home, for that reason it does not need too many additional decorative elements.

Decorating your garden with pallets is very convenient, easy and inexpensive!

decorate his garden breeze view wood pallet

The decoration here is very simple. It consists of a planter steel gray, a tree branch and a small discreet light. The "carpet" of small pebbles completes this decorative set.

Pretty elegant decoration

decorate your garden flower box flower box lamp

This exterior is composed of a garden furniture resin woven white / beige. The orange and white flower pots harmonize beautifully with the furniture. The green color reminds us of spring and its freshness.

Decorate your garden with spring flowers!

decorate her garden idea flowers spring garden sofa

Here are some examples of decorating green spaces of different sizes. The first example offers us a very minimalist decoration: some big stones put in the grass. The second is also very simple: the decorative effect comes from the vegetation which is very rich. As for the third, it is very interesting: at the base the idea of ​​the suspension Dishwashing has a purely practical character, but in fact it is also decorative. The fourth example is a garden with a very large wooden flower box. The conclusion: often the decoration of your garden is done as and when it is laid out ... naturally!

Four examples of how to decorate your garden

decorate your garden terrace idea

decorate garden idea flower box wood

The example below represents a very original idea. An old bathtub has been transformed into a flower box. It's practical and it makes an impression. If you have old objects at home, instead of throwing them away, you can integrate them into your decoration.

Idea for garden layout with wooden deco to manufacture

decorate your garden ideas cheap

To create a summer atmosphere outdoors, bet on bright shades - orange, yellow, red. If you are rather minimalist and refined style, opt for light shades, blue, green and beige.

Natural garden decoration in bright colors

decorate your garden green materials decoration nature

As we already mentioned before, any old object is likely to turn into a decorative object. Plastic or glass bottles serve as pots, vase or bird houses. The wooden pallets allow the realization of an interesting vertical garden. We have already seen everything: even the old broken piano can become an original vintage planter!

DIY and nature deco for the garden

decorate your garden DIY deco ideas

Garden idea with nature deco in wood

decorate her garden sofa garden flower box plant

Furniture in wooden pallet and natural deco for outdoor

decorate his garden idea pallet wood flowerpot idea DIY

Wooden pallets are universal. In recent years, they have invaded our exteriors and home interiors. Decorate and decorate all your space with pallets: it's possible! No matter if you're out of place or garden deco ideas, the palette offers you everything!

Why not use his old bathtub as a flower box?

decorate her garden original idea flower box

Why throw her old bathtub when she can become a huge flower box? Practical and aesthetic: the formula for a successful garden decoration!

Flower boxes: practical and decorative

gardener idea garden decoration

Decoration idea with large planters

decorate outdoor space gardener gray garden sofa

What element should be favored when designing your garden? Deco is one of those things you start thinking about first and last. The decor is not simply the pose here and there of some decorative objects. This is the whole conception of the aesthetics of our outdoor space. We decorate and decorate.

Black flower boxes and ceramic decorative element

decorate garden flower box palm green

The decoration of a garden begins with the choice of plants. To have a garden is to have plants and to create a beautiful landscape with them. Any other decorative element comes after. For a natural garden decoration, we can add pebbles, stones, gravel. We also integrate some Japanese garden decoration elements - fountain, water basin, lights.

Decoration idea with pots flowers

decorate garden flowerpot ideas

decorate garden flower box wooden chair patio

What decor for the pool area? Install some large flower pots, some cushions and comfortable chaise lounges - that's it! Finally, the pool is to enjoy it, so you do not need additional decoration. Bet on practical solutions. The pool is an exterior decorative element in itself.

Garden with pool decorated with trays with flowers

decorate his garden plant flowers idea original pool

An old piece of furniture transformed into a flower box

decorate her garden plant decoration original flowerpot

What to do with its old moldy commode? Not practical to continue to use as storage cabinet, the old dresser appropriates another role in the garden, that of flower box. These drawers can accommodate several plants by reassuring them a pleasant place to live. A practical, ecological and vintage decor!

Deco garden vintage recycle

creative deco diy old furniture pot of flowers

The wooden trunk - an element of furniture and decoration that is 100% natural. The trunks of wood serve as a stool and a table. We can integrate them outside as well as inside our living space.

Wooden trunks for garden stools

decoration outdoor space terrace garden table black

The rock garden is a subject in interesting outdoor design. Easy to create and pleasant to have, this garden consists mainly of rock gardens (as the name suggests), gravel, stones and some plants. Usually, it is conceived for field reasons. If it is dry or sloping, the rock garden will be ideally integrated. Indeed, this type of garden is also called dry garden.

Composition of pebbles and succulents

decorate her garden with stone heart

Romantic garden decoration

decorate romantic garden heart plant wood

Garden wood terrace

garden deco plant idea flowers plants

deco flowers spring rose stone wood idea

deco garden greasy plant flower box green idea

Terrace in town

decorate your garden idea garden living room garden armchair coffee table

deco vegetable garden chair wooden table

Gardener little experienced? Gardening is a very pleasant and relaxing activity. If you have just started your gardening adventures, our advice is to start with some undemanding plant species. Greasy plants, perennials, hardy shrubs - the list is very long! Finally, it is also very important to know the kind of your land and choose your plants according to the climate of your area.

Deco with succulent compositions

decorate garden idea succulent plant

deco garden deco plant

Braided resin pot

garden decoration idea plant flowers

garden deco plant landscaping

garden decoration plant fat idea

terrace decoration garden table wooden garden sofa

Deco and small terrace

idea landscaping deco green space flowerpot chair

arrangement space outdoor deco house plant

Japanese garden decoration idea

decorate garden flower box vegetation bamboo

outdoor decor garden flower box

Garden decoration piano

decorate his garden reclaim piano

Deco idea

decorate his piano garden recup

Romantic decor

decorate your garden space terrace armchairs

deco garden cheap practice original

decorate garden flowerpot

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