Decorate your garden with a persistent hedge

deco-hedge-garden idea

Today we propose to decorate your garden with a persistent hedge shrubs. The plant hedge is a great way to create a beautiful and intimate garden space where you can contemplate nature.

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Here are some suggestions of shrubs that you can use to create your garden hedge and some examples in pictures.

Garden with persistent hedge

persistent hedge garden idea

If your garden is sunny, you can create a climbing rose hedge. The roses begin to bloom in May and you will have a beautiful hedge filled with flowers and green leaves. These rose species are not pretentious. They love fertile land and the sun.

Garden decoration with climbing roses

evergreen hedge garden roses

Another option for your plant hedge is alfalfa grown. It will create a very dense plant wall and preserve your garden from the dust coming from the street. It can reach a height of 2-3m in height. Its leaves are oval with clean ends. Alfalfa flowers in April and May and its flowers are white, yellow, pink or red.

Garden hedge in roses

hedge evergreen garden roses

Climbing ivy is another plant that can be used in the decoration of your garden. It is also easy to grow and grows very fast. Its leaves are always green and it is often chosen for the vertical decoration of the gardens. Ivy can reach a height of 10m. It is perfect if you want to decorate a wall of your house or your garden fence. Here are some great ideas for your persistent hedge:

Decorative garden hedge

evergreen hedge rose bush

Garden hedge with flowers

rose garden hedge

Garden hedge in ivy

deco fence garden ivy

Garden green wall

deco garden hedge ivy

Original garden with ivy

climbing ivy garden deco

The flowers of alfalfa

deco garden lucerne idee

Plant wall of roses

deco modern garden rosebushes

Garden deco idea with climbing roses

climbing garden deco

hedge garden flowers idea

garden hedge idee deco

garden hedge idee decoration

hedge evergreen garden

hedge evergreen garden roses

garden deco idea flowers

idea garden deco hedge

flower garden hedge

climbing ivy deco garden

garden ivy climbing wall

plant a garden hedge

roses garden idee deco

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