Decorate your summer house in a cool way

deco summer original white table bass wood

Summer is the season of pleasant and unforgettable sensations. The sun caresses us gently with its rays full of vitamin D, the vegetation is green and majestic. If you want to celebrate its arrival and introduce a touch of freshness in your interior or exterior, we invite you to discover our selection of ideas how to decorate your house summer in an elegant and original way.

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Decorate your home with soft, fresh colors

bedroom decoration wall board bed gray floor mats

To create a cool atmosphere in your home you have two possibilities: decorate with light colors or decorate with warm colors. The example below mixes color s soft and light decoration to create the feeling of a summer and relaxing atmosphere.

Decorate your home: Succulents are adaptive and easy to maintain

If you have a garden or terrace, we advise you to put flowerpots and flowerpots of interesting shapes. If you do not have a lot of time for maintenance, go for plants fat . They do not require regular care.

Terrace layout idea for summer

The comfort of your outdoor furniture should not be neglected. This is the key to enjoying his summer evenings. Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you can either put a dining table or a small coffee table to have a drink outside. There are tables adjustable in height and Folding which can be a very practical solution.

Freshness touch: patterned groundsheet

Another series of succulents

Elegant floral decoration

decorate her house flower vase idea

Marble bowl

Bedroom decoration with curtains in fresh color

Green keys

decoration home living room cushion plant mirror green

Elegant white atmosphere

decorate his home idea wooden table armchair wood table lamp

Green and orange keys

deco living room floor mats orange sofa pouf silver

Fruit basket: delicious and aesthetic

Decorate your dining table with a fresh bouquet of flowers

Terrace with pool

arrange terrace deck chair wood sunshade plant cushions outdoor pool

Wooden tray to have a drink outside

Comfortable garden furniture

Romantic decoration of candles and flowers for your summer evenings

decoration romantic home idea candle freshness flowers wood idea DIY

Summer and festive decoration

decorate garden idea summer festival

Paper garlands

decorate house summer garden outdoor table

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