Decorate your windows with indoor green plants

green plants interior deco

You've certainly read a lot of articles about green plants indoor through the years. A popular theory advises talking to plants to allow them to grow well.

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And even if it sounds a little odd, some people believe that this theory is very fair. Humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Green plants absorb carbon dioxide during the process of photosynthesis. And since plants need carbon dioxide to grow, we can deduce that if we talk to a plant, you will give it more carbon dioxide and it will grow faster and be healthier.

Window decoration with green plants

green plants deco interior window

It does not matter if you believe in this theory, you certainly want to have beautiful green plants to decorate your home. In this article we will talk about the decoration of windows with green indoor plants. Placing your plants next to your windows will also help them grow better. And you, you will have a very beautiful decoration for your windows of kitchen, of living room or room. According to another theory, we tend to care more about the maintenance of our plants if they are in original pots and design that attract our attention. So choose pots that go well with the decorative style of the room where you will put your flowers and look at our decor ideas to inspire you:

Deco idea with houseplants

green plants deco design

Interior decoration with hanging houseplants

green plants hanging window

Arrangement of green plants next to the window

arrangement flower pots window

Kitchen decoration with green plants

deco window kitchen plants

Decoration of the living room window with pots of green plants

deco window living room plants

Living room deco idea with green plants

original interior deco window

Modern interior decor with green plants

deco interior modern plants

Minimalist decoration with houseplants

minimalist deco interior plants

original deco interior plants

deco plants window flower pot

decoration window kitchen plants

window decoration plant idea

interior decoration plants window

decoration plants window idea

interior deco idea plant

original deco idea interior flowers

idea of ​​deco plants pots

idea deco living room indoor plants

metal jars

green plants deco window

green plants deco minimalist window

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