Decorating idea: scrap metal design statuettes

garden statue decorating idea

Want to decorate your home with a contemporary design object? Try this recycle and trendy design idea: design statuettes made from recycled scrap metal! These beautiful objects are made by the creator JK Brown.

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Living in the West Wales region, he is inspired by nature and wildlife to make statues and figurines of different sizes by recycling scrap at the same time. Because, it is since always that he likes to observe animals in their natural environment. Drawing and making various objects is, for him, a way to pay tribute to the beauty of nature. No wonder he chose to name his web page Green Hand Sculpture to indicate that his statues are made by the green hand, that is to say in an environmentally friendly way.

Recycling idea with recycled scrap iron horse statue

contemporary statue deco idea recycle

If you want to add a touch contemporary design inside or outside your home, you now have the opportunity to do so with one of these interesting statues. At a time when more and more designers are becoming conscientious about the need to contribute to the protection of the planet through their works, the contemporary decor naturally turns to creative ideas which involve recycling. And that's exactly what JK Brown does, collecting metal coins on the street or on the beaches to give them a new life through these statues.

Garnish recycle idea by JK Brown

outdoor statue deco recup design

Transform unused or used materials into art creations, what's more trendy and more current in today's world? Take a look at this collection of images of scrap statues and figurines to select your contemporary decorating idea:

Decorating idea: frog statue by JK Brown

idea recup and deco scrap satuettes

Recycling idea: statue made of recycled materials

deco objects recup idee creative

Contemporary style reclaimed decor with small figurines

decorating idea recycle small stette scrap

Design recycled iron outdoor statue

deco idea salvage design

Photo of recycled material statue by Green Hand Sculpture

deco design figurines

Decorative object design: creative idea with recycled materials

garden statuette idea decoration

Contemporary decoration and recycling: recycled scrap statue

recycling deco ideas recup

recycylage idea modern deco

home creative ideas deco

statue contemporary design ideas recup

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