Decorating ideas for a contemporary interior

interior design ideas original design modern chair floor mats

Do you want a modern interior with an original decoration of Scandinavian inspiration ? The design of the northern countries has become synonymous with modernity. It always impresses with its functionality, aesthetics and presence - strong and soft at the same time.

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It's a tender style, but with a lot of character. It is easy to spot: we immediately feel the pleasant and soothing atmosphere. If you want to have an interior inspired by the tranquility and strength of northern forests, we invite you to discover our selection of decoration ideas minimalist and industrial style interior.

Decoration ideas with frames and candles in a white interior

lighting decoration ideas hanging candles bedroom composition frames

Here are two examples of white interiors with minimalist decor. The bedroom above has a very warm atmosphere. The wall is decorated with a small composition of frames and photos. The candles make the atmosphere even warmer, while the vegetable crown refreshes it. She embodies the discreet presence of nature. The room below includes the kitchen and the dining room. This large space is very orderly. A floral decoration embellishes the table, while the pendant light decorates the entire room.

Kitchen decoration ideas in white interior wood

decoration ideas dining room kitchen flowers pendant light

This small studio with white interior includes several decorative elements. The black and white striped floor mats decorate the entire room. It's an element that has a strong presence. Several frames adorn the walls. The natural element is not absent: a bouquet of white roses is placed on the coffee table.

Here is a small studio

decoration ideas modern apartment floor mats black and white stripes original white chair chair

At first glance, we are tempted to conclude: this interior has no decoration. In reality, the decoration here is rather necessary and is part of the layout. The two very elegant sofas have been decorated with cushions. The carpet ground with original pattern is the element that "separates" the living room and the dining room.

Interior decoration ideas of minimalist inspiration

interior minimalist style design fixture hanging white table wood chair

Often, in Scandinavian interior design, the predominant decoration is the wall decoration. Why ? The answer is simple: the functionality. Once on the walls, the frames are not bulky. A decorative object on the table can be embarrassing. In this vein, our last tip to arrive at a Scandinavian-inspired decoration is to always think of functionality! Hoping that our examples of modern interiors decoration will inspire you, we wish you a very good visit!

Abstract painting

decoration bedroom abstract painting parquet kitchen studio


black and white interior decoration idea pop art table

Original frame with fox drawing

artistic decoration ideas modern design white vase books shelves

Silver candlestick

interior decoration idea armchair cushion floor mats black and white design candlestick

Decoration with frames and mirrors

interior design ideas design frames mirror fixtures suspension

modern home decor ideas frames branches tree wooden furniture

black sofa design fixture hanging stool wooden table

original decoration ideas fixture hanging furniture wood frames

interior decoration design idea lighting fixture dining room

modern interior decoration bed idea wall plant cushions

kitchen idea decoration original white table chair modern

modern decoration design idea sofa lamp black objects

decoration idea living room furniture design armchair table wall

armchair cushion design floor mat deco idea modern armchairs

deco frames design living room pouf coffee table sofa white cushions

deco dining room design modern idea

interior decor bedroom design wall ottoman

modern minimalist decoration bed idea

decoration original idea design minimalist kitchen

living room idea of ​​decoration original furniture

floor mat original mirror decoration ideas

decoration kitchen original idea

original decoration design cushions pink bedroom

elegant decoration design lighting fixture suspension wood furniture

decorative wall minimalist interior wall

decoraiton wall design office wood

deco frames interior modern idea deco sofa gray

Scandinavian design modern design idea armchair brown tiling

deco interior design bed couch armchair vegetation

deco appart idea original table coffee table with wheels pallet pouf

decorative lighting design idea modern bedroom

decor wall bedroom scandinavian idea

deco idea appart Scandinavian minimalist design

ideas of decoration idea design modern living room sofa

deco appart idea table original bed fixture suspension

decoration living room contemporary design idea sofa beige cushions

deco idea modern Scandinavian apprt

deco bedroom idea cushion design frames plant

original design ideas design floor mats cushions plant

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