Decorative bamboo: 45 ideas for a garden decoration with bamboo

deco terrace bamboo deco idea

Regardless of whether it's bamboo plants, bamboo furniture or bamboo decorative pieces, the bamboo Deco will help you create a relaxing and relaxed atmosphere in your garden or outdoor area.

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Because bamboo is not just fun to watch, but it is also considered a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Bamboo is a perennial that can survive in very difficult conditions such as humidity, cold or heat. In this article we will give you some ideas how to use the bamboo Deco in your garden or outdoor area.

Decorative bamboo in a contemporary garden

bamboo deco garden modern idea

The bamboo garden

You can easily turn your garden or yard into a relaxing space by planting bamboo in one of the corners. There are approximately 1000 different species of bamboo to choose from and you should of course choose the ones that will best support your climate. You can then decorate your bamboo garden with a beautiful bench or wooden chair, as well as a garden fountain or other water features to accentuate the beauty of this plant. Another option is to plant bamboo all along your garden fence to create a decorative wall as an alternative to traditional plants or flowers.

Original garden decoration with bamboo

bamboo deco garden stairs wood

Bamboo plants

Can bamboo plants in pots or containers possibly follow your garden decor better? Their plus is that they can be moved and transported very easily. Choose rustic-style pots and place them around your lanai or patio to create a greener space. Decorating your outdoors with bamboo plants is the perfect way to have a small green urban garden. You can also use the plants to frame your garden paths or your entrance.

deco bamboo garden pond water

How to succeed bamboo plantation ?

Bamboo is very resistant. There are many different types of bamboo. The majority of bamboo varieties like fresh soil and drained soil. In its natural habitat, bamboo lives in a tropical, sub-tropical or temperate climate. The growth of bamboo is very fast. It grows by rhizomes - an underground stem. It is thanks to her that the roots of bamboo grow. The roots traced alone under the surface of the ground, from where the bamboo forms its resistance. Its roots are indeed very fortified and even able to push a wall! The first essential step for successful planting is to choose the variety that best suits the conditions of your area and field. Bamboo matures at four or five years old.

Outdoor decoration with bamboo for an original touch

bamboo deco garden idea outdoor decoration original

Bamboo furniture

If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to furnish your outdoor space, veranda, terrace or garden, bamboo furniture is the ideal option for you. Choose tables, chairs, armchairs, swing chairs or a bamboo hammock made from solid bamboo - a natural material that does not contribute to deforestation. Use colorful and modern cushions to finish the look and make your garden room even more comfortable. The bamboo furniture fits particularly well into the ethnic or exotic decorative trend in outdoor design. The bamboo furniture has a unique look very interesting. Also like the plant, the bamboo furniture is very resistant and almost unbreakable. One of its great advantages is that it is also very light.

Bamboo furniture is also widely used in interior design. It turns into a chair, bed frame, table, bench and many others. Bamboo combines remarkable aesthetic and practical qualities. Its properties are very close to those of wood, with this difference, that bamboo is an herb. It is part of the graminaceous family where oats, wheat, maize, rye and barley are also found.

Beautiful bamboo garden

bamboo deco idea bamboo garden

Bamboo accessories

In addition to bamboo plants and furniture, you can also find very little way to incorporate bamboo into your decor. For example bamboo chimes that make a nice noise when there is a little wind. Put them on trees in the garden or on your windows. You can also create a meditation corner using a bamboo bench placed in a quiet corner of your garden, under your favorite tree in the middle of your flowers. Bamboo vases filled with fresh flowers of bright colors are also a great way to decorate your outdoor space. The bamboo baskets go everywhere and allow to decorate and store several objects.

Idea bamboo outdoor garden

deco bamboo garden table plant pot

Bamboo is a universal plant. Since thousands of years, it is used in food, but also in the manufacture of high quality paper and textile. There are also several beauty products containing bamboo. This plant is also the main food of pandas!

Deco bamboo terrace

deco bamboo terrace plant idea

Bamboo is always present in the design of Japanese style gardens or Zen. Did you know that the largest bamboo plantations are in China and India? Indeed, bamboo is naturally present in Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Australia apart from Europe and Antarctica. This is why we in Europe need to plant it ourselves!

Design bamboo garden fence

bamboo deco fence garden design

There is nothing more natural and simple than installing a bamboo garden fence. It is the fastest solution to hide while remaining in the natural. It is also possible to create a garden hedge with bamboo, but this will require a little more time. Of all the species that form garden hedges, bamboo is among the fastest growing species. The variety chosen depends on your desires and the effect you are looking for. The garden hedge is installed at the end of the summer.

Garden with fountain and bamboo

bamboo deco garden fountain

Regarding its symbolism, in Feng Shui bamboo is associated with friendship, youth and fertility. He is also considered a bearer of joy. In calligraphy, artists only use bamboo leaves. Bamboo plays a vital role in the cultural and social development of Japan.

Outdoor space decorated with bamboo

bamboo deco outdoor area

Resistant, supple, beautiful and delicious: the list of aesthetic and practical qualities of bamboo is infinite. Thanks to its universality, bamboo has been used for centuries. He has actively participated and contributed to the development of companies in Japan and China. Inviting bamboo to your garden is to invite the story. It is also to invite joy and prosperity! So, do not hesitate anymore. Here are more than 40 interesting and original ideas for the bamboo decoration of your garden or outdoor area:

Bamboo fence

bamboo garden design

Garden decorated with bamboo

bamboo garden decoration idea

Garden decoration idea with a bamboo fence

bamboo garden fence

Bamboo garden accessory

bamboo garden accessory

Bamboo garden paths

bamboo design garden alleys

Candlesticks for outdoor bamboo

candlesticks bamboo garden idea

Modern bamboo chaise longue

bamboo garden lounge chair

Zen garden with a bamboo fence

fence garden bamboo idea

Modern decor with bamboo plants

bamboo design garden fence

Interesting bamboo design fence

fence garden bamboo idea

Zen-inspired water garden

modern garden bamboo deco

deco bamboo modern terrace

deco interesting bamboo garden

deco terrace design bamboo

outdoor shower deco bamboo

outdoor space contemporary design

modern outdoor space bamboo

idea of ​​deco outdoor space

outside deco idea bamboo

outdoor bamboo deco idea

garden bamboo deco idea

bamboo garden decoration idea

bamboo design garden idea

original idea garden deco

garden bamboo plants idea

water garden bamboo deco

garden deco bamboo stone

garden design zen fence bamboo

modern garden decoration bamboo

Zen Garden Bamboo Deco

bamboo design garden furniture

outdoor furniture garden bamboo

small garden bamboo deco

small garden bamboo deco

bamboo plants garden idea

bamboo plant pots design

outdoor terrace deco bamboo

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