Decorative dining room with brick wall: 50 original ideas

decoration wall brick deco dining room modern design

The dining room decor with brick wall gives the interior space a special ambience that is appealing to many designers and homeowners. Straddling the modern style, the vintage look and the industrial design, this decoration receives very varied interpretations in the contemporary houses.

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Some owners love the natural color of red bricks while others prefer to personalize them with a coat of paint or with paintings, posters, designer lighting or interesting accessories. Below, we examine the secrets for a dining room deco with a successful brick wall!

Decorative dining room with brick wall in natural color

interior design dining room wall effect red brick

The contemporary dining room is often a small room that has only a few essential pieces of furniture: a table, chairs, and possibly a sideboard or console. In a space of this kind, the brick wall is easily transformed into a focal point exposed to everyone's gaze. It completes the look of a room otherwise deprived of decorative accents. In modern small-scale apartments, the dining room is sometimes connected to an open kitchen. Such a wall, spreading in the kitchen and in the dining room, automatically becomes a way of connecting the two spaces. In short, whatever the arrangement of the rooms in your home, the brick wall decor is able to bring a lot of character.

Industrial style dining room decor with brick wall and chic chandelier

deco dining room design industrial chandelier

Who says brick wall , also known as industrial style and modern interior. Of course, you do not have to set up your entire dining room in one of these two styles. But you can use one or two industrial or modern accessories, such as chairs, lamps and even chandelier or vase to enhance the visual effect produced by the bricks.

Decorative dining room with white brick wall and wall sconces

deco ideas dining room wall sconce white brick

Speaking of chandeliers and light fixtures, let's not forget the importance of lighting for a successful dining room decor. The play of shadows and light is a beautiful way to complete the look of a room that is otherwise deprived of decorative accents. Use suspensions, bedside lamps or wall sconces to emphasize the relief of your brick wall and you'll get spectacular results!

Decorative dining room with white painted brick walls

deco mural dining room white bricks

And since you're going to use your brick wall as a decorative accent, find a way to show it off! If you like neutral colors, why not start a painting project? Bet on white or gray for a peaceful effect that complements a contemporary, modern or Scandinavian style decor. And, for a more daring look, dare black paint!

Decorative dining room with brick wall in black color by Maxa Design

idea painting dining room wall black bricks

Those who particularly like a particular style of decoration, can also choose objects of design corresponding to expose on their wall: decorative paintings, posters, modern shelves, works of art or a large mirror, all that you tent is allowed! So, which of these interiors with brick wall seduces you the most? Examine our gallery to decide:

Dining room suspension with wall decoration

suspensions dining room wall deco

Open dining room interior with brick effect wall

deco of open dining walls effect bricks

Dining room with brick wall design

design dining room wall decoration brick

Dining room of contemporary design and brick deco

dining room contemporary style brick decoration

Decorative dining room with contemporary style decor and white brick wall

contemporary interior dining room deco white brick

Interior dining room and deco with brick wall and hanging shelves

dining room decoration wall brick modern shelf

Photo of dining room with Mediterranean decor and brick wall

dining rooms deco countryside walls brick

Dining room with contemporary decor, brick wall and paintings

pictures contemporary dining room wall brick deco tables

Decorative dining room idea with brick interior wall

photo interior dining room brick wall

Small dining room and deco with brick wall

small dining room wall brick

Kitchen and dining room design with brick wall

decoration kitchen dining room design wall brick

Brick wall of contemporary design dining room

wall bricks interior dining room contemporary style

Black brick wall and dining corner decor

wall deco black

Brick wall and modern design dining room deco

brick walls deco modern dining room

deco dining room wall sconce brick

interior dining room with brick wall

chandelier deco dining room walls bricks

decoration wall design dining room

interior lighting brick wall design

decoration dining room design industrial style walls brick

decoration design dining room wall brick wall

wall deco dining room large design mirror

deco dining room hanging wall bricks

interior vegetable wall dining room decor

white brick wall deco dining room

dining room deco modern red brick wall

photo dining room scandinavian color trend brick wall

industrial suspension interior decoration dining room

home decoration room dining walls red brick

wall deco dining room effect brick

brick wall modern dining room decoration idea

idea deco dining area brick walls

decor wall dining room rustic design paintings

decoration kitchen dining-room wall brick in red

deco walls dining rooms style modern chalkboard deco

Idea deco wall brick small dining rooms

interior deco contemporary brick wall

deco industrial suspension

idea color dining room walls white brick

deco dining room kitchen brick wall

idea bench dining room decoration bricks

dining room layout wall red bricks

small room eating brick wall decorations

interior idea dining room wall deco brick

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