Decorative feathers: 50 ideas for different occasions

decoration pink feather salons

The feathers allow us to create various decorations for different occasions and to relook easily our house according to the seasons. Peacock or ostrich feathers, white, black or multicolored: we have collected a collection of ideas from decoration with feathers for different holidays and interiors, all year round!

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Autumnal decoration idea with feathers

autumn decoration peacock feather

Peacock feathers are an object whose beauty and impressive appearance have been prized since ancient times. At that time, the peacock was considered the favorite bird of the goddess Hera, wife of the king of the gods, Zeus. The plumage of peacock was associated, very early, with a certain majesty and the magnificence of the couple who presided over the rest of the gods of Olympus. This idea, which we have received thanks to the mythology and literature of antiquity, is related to the modern attitude towards this bird and its plumage. Peacock feathers remain a coveted deco object today and for good reason: not only is it beautiful, but it can also be easily integrated into several types of decoration.

Christmas decoration idea with feathers

original decoration christmas peacock feather

Thanks to its pretty colors, the peacock feather can be easily matched with a decoration for autumn, made up of fallen leaves, small decorative pumpkins or any other accessory in the color palette this season. As far as the holidays are concerned, the peacock feather is used in a very successful way for the manufacture of Christmas decorations, since these green shades are very similar to those of the fir tree. Look at the pretty Christmas ball decorated with peacock feathers on the picture above: is not it absolutely beautiful?

Decoration idea with white feather

christmas decoration house white feather

The white or black feather offers other possibilities of decoration. Like the peacock feather, the white one can be used for the creation of Christmas decorations . She is often seen on the Christmas table and sometimes accompanies little angels or balls used to adorn the house in winter. Accompanied by glitter, the white feather is also an ideal decoration for parties with a romantic atmosphere, such as weddings or Valentine's Day. As for the black feather, it can be used in combination with white covers or alone, as part of an ethnic style decoration, seaside or Scandinavian, for example.

Ethnic style decoration with white and black feather

feather birds house ethnic decoration

The small multicolored feathers are also a nice complement to the interior decoration in the house: it could be used to make a suspension and decorate an ethnic style living room or a bedroom for children, for example. Moreover, if your children like the original and nice aspect of these small brightly colored covers, do not hesitate to ask them if they would like to realize with you the project of decoration of pencils by Crafts Unleashed of which you see a photo below. You could also use one or more brightly colored pens to complete the Easter decoration, a celebration associated with the awakening of nature and happy colors, such as pink, yellow and green.

Feathers and idea of ​​decoration of pencils for children by Crafts Unleashed

pencil feather do decoration activity kids

The feather of different colors is a small decorative object with a lot of potential: it can be used throughout the year and make ornaments for all spaces of the house. If you want to find more inspiration for this kind of ornaments, see our suggestions below.

Feather pendant and nursery decor

feather kids room deco

Decorative shabby chic style object with feather

indoor shabby chic feathers

Blue feather: Christmas decoration

feathers Christmas decorations

Decorative object for house with white feather

Home Decor Lamps Feather

Home and decoration: hanging with feather

home decoration bedroom suspensions feathers

House decoration with black feathers

home deco wreath black feather

Home and autumnal decoration with beige feather

home decoration autumnal wreath feather

Decoration ideas with peacock feather

interior decoration idea peacock feather

Child's Decorating Ideas by Crafts Unleashed

tips for kids activities

Christmas decorations with peacock feather

Christmas decoration idea feather peacock

Decoration for Valentine's Day with white feather

decoration st valentin white feather

Home decoration with feather

decorative table with feather

Indoor or outdoor decoration with peacock feather

outdoor decor feather peacock

Table decoration idea with feathers

table deco feathers

feather white st valentin deco

interior easter feather decor

activities noel decoration peacock feather

feathers wedding decoration floral arrangements

interior house feathers deco

to realize decoration feather oneself

feather deco of autumnal table

feather decorations christmas table

interior decoration living room pendants feather

entrance house feather peacock deco

feather decoration bedside lamps

object deco feather interior black vases

home interior decoration ideas peacock feather

wedding decoration feathers

deco table feathers ostrich

feathers deco headboard

feathers idea birthday deco

decor entry house feather sheaf

deco halloween hanging feather

feather hangers ethnic style decoration

interior decoration English style peacock feathers

deco party christmas feather ostrich

ideas deco fireplace feather

st valentin feather home deco

decoration autumn feather bird

feather hanger deco nordic style

pictures ostrich feathers

images feather decoration pinecones

deco pen romantic st valentin

tricks deco easter sheaf

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