Decorative garland for a festive interior in 24 ideas

decoration party garland paper style boho chic idea deco party

At the approach of each party, we ask ourselves the same question: how to decorate our interior or our home or apartment exterior in an original and personalized way at a small price?

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The decorative garland is ideal for decorating any space. It is also one of the oldest symbols associated with celebrations and festivities dating back to the Greco-Roman era. This ornamental pattern can decorate walls, fireplace, table as well as chairs, lighting and plants. To give you ideas how you can make a garland yourself and how to integrate it into your interior, we have selected 24 examples that illustrate its elegant and festive presence in different ways.

Decorative garland of Boho chic style

decorative garland christmas party christmas decoration

At its origin, the garland represents a vegetal decoration. It is an interweaving of foliage , flowers and fruits, suspended in festoon. Nowadays, we call "garland" a long ribbon of paper cut and chiseled or a long thread decorated with ornaments that succeed one another. Here are some suggestions of contemporary garlands that you can make at home at a very small price:

Natural decorative garland

garland deco party idea original nature deco christmas idea fireplace deco

Want a touch of nature in your interior decoration? It is then possible to make a garland of pine apples , dead leaves, tree branches and other natural materials that nature offers us in autumn. Forget the plastic artificial vegetation, just go for a walk in the park to find everything you need and then make your own personalized garland.

Elegant and shiny decoration garland

decorative garland idea party christmas deco diy cheap original

You can also use cardboard, paper, wool, fabrics and other lightweight materials. Just cut them into funny shapes and hang them on a wire.

Elegant garland easy to manufacture, idea The Land of Nod

christmas decoration idea deco party original paper fabric brico making deco self idea the land of nod

In terms of colors, it all depends on the style of your interior and your tastes and preferences. If you want to create a Christmas garland you can, for example, choose white, red and green. These are the classic colors of the big family party at the end of the year. Let your imagination speak and discover the rest of the ideas to realize:

Christmas wreath of wool in red and white

decorative garland christmas red white hanging deco christmas idea

Elegant Christmas wreath

christmas wreath idea decoration indoor diy cheap red white

Natural decoration

fireplace decoration idea decorative garland natural

Original Christmas decoration in white

decorative garland christmas idea white pompons wool decoration idea

garland deco christmas decoration idea white red christmas decoration

garland decoration paper idea suspension the land of nod decoration idea paper original

decoration party idea garland paper diy decoration boho chic style

deco party idea wall decoration garland blue wall brick furniture white wood

decoration festive garland magnolia idea interior deco christmas original cheap

decorative garland idea paper brico deco cheap original carton brico

decoration party garland tassels original christmas decoration

decorative garland fireplace idea cheap original christmas deco wall

garland decorative interior decoration party idea cheap diy

decoration birthday table garland diy idea paper cheap

decorative garland idea party decorating diy cheap decoration christmas idea

garland deco idea decoration fireplace party christmas deco cheap

garland pine cones idea christmas fireplace

garland christmas decoration idea suspension original christmas decoration to make

decoration natural idea deco christmas party garland branch tree cheap deco diy

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