Decorative living room idea: Scandinavian style living room

interior decoration deco idea nordic decoration

With this article, discover an idea living room Scandinavian style with 50 beautiful pictures of interiors and tips to get a decor in this style. Are you looking for a living room idea and do you like Scandinavian style?

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Today, we invite you to discover four key elements, which are at the base of the Scandinavian style and which will allow you to obtain a Scandinavian decor effect in your living room.

Living room deco idea: how to get the Scandinavian style in the living room

idea living room living room interior Scandinavian style

To obtain an effect of Scandinavian decoration in any room, first put on furniture and simple accessories. The Scandinavian style is pragmatic and simple, its goal is to be practical without being less pretty. For this reason, salons in Scandinavian style often have a touch of minimalist design at the same time as they are very functional and comfortable. This is also what makes the Scandinavian style very adaptable to small apartments and rooms. As for the furniture to create a Scandinavian style living room, here is our main advice: choose good quality furniture that is both comfortable and durable.

Living room decor: Scandinavian style with wooden floor and yellow sofa

deco idea living room scandinavian furniture

The second key element for the decoration of Scandinavian style living room is related to the light. The Scandinavian style is, of course, inspired by the reality and the climate in the Nordic countries. Now, we know perfectly well, this part of Europe is known for its long nights during the winter. For this reason, the Scandinavian designers have proposed to incorporate enough light in the interior design and that, in any way possible. Think of the best way to make your living room bright: by means of mirrors, through a mural or floor in white, thanks to some large hanging lights or, on the contrary, by means of several small lamps. To complete this light effect, you can also choose a sofa or armchair in white and add candles on a coffee table. In short, all solutions that allow you to make your living room brighter are eligible with the Scandinavian style!

Decorative living room idea and Scandinavian style by Pikcells Visualization Studio

interior design deco idea scandinavian design

What are the typical colors for the Scandinavian style? You've probably guessed it: white and neutral colors like gray and black are the nuances that characterize Scandinavian design salons. Inspired by the nature they so respect, people in northern Europe have found that white has the natural ability to reflect light, as well as the abundant snow in this region. As a result, the Scandinavian designers have taken this color to turn it into one of the most characteristic elements of the Scandinavian decor. And, as white blends harmoniously with all colors, the Scandinavian style leaves you with a huge choice of shades to complement the white decor. Among these, black and gray can be used for large furniture, such as sofas or armchairs, or for carpets. The brighter colors can be used to create accents in the living room with cushions or some decorative design object.

Living room decoration idea: Scandinavian style with interesting lighting

deco idea living room furniture decoration scandinav

Finally, here is the fourth key element to create a Scandinavian design fair: it is wood. Wood is a dominant material in modern interior design in the Scandinavian countries and for good reason: it is a natural material used for construction and decoration in the Nordic regions for centuries. You can take inspiration from this Scandinavian tradition and use the wood for flooring in your living room or acquire one or two Scandinavian furniture with wooden elements. And now, here is our gallery dedicated to the Scandinavian style living room decoration idea:

Lounge decor with Scandinavian design

Scandinavian lounges decoration ideas white wood furniture

Nordic Design Living Room Deco by Pikcells Studio

idea living room design scandinavian decoration

Nordic style interior: idea of ​​flooring

ideas deco living room furniture scandinavian style floor wood sofa yellow

Modern decor and Scandinavian style for living room

ideas deco interior living room furniture scandinavian carpet

decorative ideas Scandinavian living room solid wood tables

Living room decor: Scandinavian style with wooden floor

idea living room scandinavian style floor wood sofas gray

Decorative living room and Scandinavian style for small spaces

idea living room decoration nordic style small spaces scandinavian furniture

Living room deco idea: get the Scandinavian style in a small space

ideas living room Scandinavian style small space deco white black

Living room decor: typical elements for the Scandinavian style

idea living room scandinavian tables original chair

Decorative living room idea in scandinavian style

idea living room Scandinavian style small apartments

Scandinavian style living room decor with yellow accents

Scandinavian style living room deco black white

Monochrome deco ideas in Scandinavian style

deco parlor mononochrome Scandinavian style ideas

Scandinavian living room deco with brick wall

layout Scandinavian style living room walls bricks

Decorative living room idea in Scandinavian and eclectic style

interior decoration scandinavian style eclectic furniture

Scandinavian style living room decoration and designer furniture

ideas design living room deco scandinavian design furniture

Scandinavian style living room decoration and designer furniture

idea living room Scandinavian design furniture white black interior deco

Scandinavian living room decoration and pastel colored furniture

decorating ideas living rooms interior Scandinavian pastel furniture

Scandinavian and minimalist living room decor

Scandinavian deco ideas living room minimalist style

Scandinavian living room deco with black furniture s

idea interior decoration candinave living room furniture black

Decorative living room idea for small space in Scandinavian style with furniture in gray

interior design Scandinavian living room furniture small spaces

Scandinavian deco living room idea furniture monochrome

idea decoration scandinavian living rooms furniture dark gray

idea black white deco lounges Scandinavian design furniture wood

ideas deco salons style furniture scandinavian white glass

Scandinavian interior white furniture design living room

interior decorations scandinavian design salons white furniture

idea design living room white scandinavian furniture

chic Scandinavian interior design ideas

idea decoration living room interior chair scandinavian design tables

Scandinavian interior living room ideas design chairs

deco living room furniture scandinavian canapes geometric mats

idea living room scandinavian style scandinavian carpet

modern living room Scandinavian sofa black interior design

Scandinavian furniture living room ideas angular sofa

Scandinavian interior living room canape angle

idea living room decoration wood scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian ideas modern living room

interior decoration living room design scandinavian furniture

ideas furnishings living room decoration scandinavian black furniture

idea living room decor scandinavian beige sofas

idea decoration nordic living room arrangement white wood accents living room

idea living room deco style scandinavian white wood

idea Scandinavian salons white furniture

scandinavian lounges deco apartment interior design

Scandinavian design lounge decoration ideas white libraries

modern decoration open living room Scandinavian interiors

scandinavian decoration ideas white furniture lounges

design living room interior Scandinavian armchairs wood

Scandinavian design ideas lounges elegant sofa and design armchair

decoration ideas living room Scandinavian design apartment

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