Decorative painting idea: a house of dazzling beauty

modern house deco idea painting

With House One, the professionals of Studiovision Architecture bring us to the discovery of an idea deco painting with the variation of white. This modern style building is located in Knysna, South Africa.

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Located in the beautiful area called The Heads, where mixes of building styles from different eras, the house has a magnificent view of a bay that stretches over 15 square kilometers.

Decorative painting idea: white is omnipresent on the furniture and on the walls of the kitchen

decoration white kitchen idea decoration painting

The exterior design of the house is striking in its simplicity and clean forms. The facade, white in color, is surrounded only by a few palm trees. The outdoor garden stands out for its pronounced minimalist look. Being arranged on a hill, House One has plenty of outdoor areas overlooking the area that allow its owners and their guests to enjoy the beautiful view of the bay.

Decorative painting idea: the brightness of white on one of the outdoor spaces of the house

colors landscaping terrace

The omnipresence of the white color in this house is already announced on the exterior facade and thanks to the appearance of the terrace that you see in the picture above. But it's the interior of the House One building that really impresses us with its brilliance and purity. Of the cooked in the bedroom, through the living room and the bathroom, we rediscover the dazzling beauty of the variations of white on the walls, on the floor and on all the interior furniture. You can admire all the images of interior design solutions from the creators of Studiovision Architecture in the following gallery:

Decorative painting idea: harmonious marriage of white color and wood in House One

decorative idea painting modern dining room

Interior decoration and white paint

colors interior decoration monochrome

Play of lights and white color of walls, floor and furniture

home furniture deco white color

Idea of ​​accessories for a modern decoration in white

idea decorating painting color trendy living room

Interior decoration in white with wooden and glass elements

colors interior decoration

Minimalist bedroom with white furniture

rooms design idea color painting

Modern bathroom in white color with touches of wood

Bathroom color trend white

color facade contemporary house

house deco exterior white

decorating idea painting house architecture and design

photo house deco exterior facade

white house color deco

white house photo outside view

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