Decorative terrarium to make yourself

decorative terrarium glass diy idea

The terrarium is easy to make at home and maintain thereafter. It is a beautiful form of home decoration. Here are 30 pictures of terrariums to make yourself.

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From the one with plants delicious to that made with sand or orchids - we offer a complete series of pictures to help you choose the version for your home.

The homemade terrarium: original and pretty decoration

decorating terrarium diy decorating idea

To make such a decoration, start with a glass container that you have on hand and that you have cleaned well. Then create the first level of your decorative bowl by placing stones or pebbles at the bottom of the container you have chosen. This layer will facilitate drainage. The second step is to add a thin layer of wood charcoal on the first level of pebbles. His task will be to preserve the environment in your bowl or jar and to act against mold.

Terrarium with live plants

decorative terrarium interior deco idea greasy plant

Third, comes a layer of soil. Note that you can also add a second layer of pebbles before going to this step: these stones have no practical function, but will make your jar more beautiful and interesting. Extra tip: during this third stage, be attentive and think about leaving enough room for your plants. Often the terrarium is left out and the visual effect will be better if the soil layer is not too important. Finally, place your jar in a place where it can be in contact with the sun's rays and water it slightly. You can now decorate your house with this beautiful floral art form!

Decoration idea to realize oneself, with, on the left, terrariums creation of Thesassylife

terrarium house decoration

Beautiful interior decoration

home decoration with terrarium hanging

Terrarium with live plants

to make terrarium living plants to manufacture

Terrarium with orchid

terrarium glass house decoration

Six terrarium ideas

decorative terrarium idea DIY decor

Three jars with succulents

terrarium decorative idea indoor DIY terrarium

Jar with succulent living plants to make at home

terrarium jar glass make house

Ideas for original mini terrariums

how to make metal glass terrarium

Mini suspended terrariums: interesting decorative ideas

small terrarium glass ampoules

Glass terrariums with live plants

how to make homemade terrarium jars

Pretty living plants for self-made decoration

to make terrariums at home living plants

Small decorations with terrariums, flowers and green plants

living plants terrarium idea decorations

Nice glass jar with little green plants

decorate indoor flowers jar

create terrariums jar ideas

ideas decorate indoor succulent plants terrariums

how to decorate house with terrariums

terrarium jar decorate houses

create terrarium in glass bowl

terrarium jars to make at home

manufacture home decoration terrarium

terrarium decorations do it yourself

jars terrarium with plants

to make glass terrariums oneself

decorate indoor terrarium glasses

interior decorating ideas plants glass

plants terrarium home deco idea

jars with plant decorations

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