Decorative trend 2016: tips for a design interior

deco trend 2016 ideas

As there are only a few weeks left until the end of 2015, all interior design enthusiasts are already asking the question "What next?" deco trend 2016 that we will see everywhere next year?
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To give you the answer or the answers - since often it is about several decorative tendencies - we propose you to read this article and to discover the key elements in the form of tricks, advices and decorative ideas in images for a elegant and contemporary interior.

2016 deco trend for bathroom and kitchen

trend deco 2016 modern kitchen bathroom

In 2015 we have already seen the emergence of metal finishes and taking into consideration their ability to immediately make the space more sophisticated and glamorous, it is not surprising that they will once again be the stars of the decoration in 2016. Choose silver, chrome or gold accessories or fixtures to create a warm and ultra-modern atmosphere at the same time. Feel free to mix different finishes for an even more original effect.
Decorative trend 2016: metallic finishes

kitchen decoration trend

It is known that the different cultural movements have long influenced interior decoration and next year we can expect a remarkable transition to ecological materials. It is therefore very important to use, in the decoration of your interior, elements that are not only beautiful, but are also favorable to the environment and the ecosystem.
Bedroom decor with stone and wood

trend of deco 2016 room stone wood

"Outdoor" prints are another deco trend 2016 which will be very popular for the coming months. Yes, the term may be a little vague, but it's about patterns that can be found in nature. Floral patterns are back, as well as animal prints. And as with all prints, try not to overload the decorations with too many patterns or too many colors.
The prints will be very modern in 2016

trend of deco 2016 accessories printed

And speaking of prints and patterns, we can not deny the impact that geometric patterns will have on our interiors in 2016. When it comes to decorating a room in an original way, there is really no way more easy as geometric shapes. And it will be even better if you can find prints and patterns in blue because blue is the color that designers and designers will draw on to create ultra-modern interiors in 2016.

Kitchen decoration with metal stools

deco trend 2016 kitchen design

White kitchen with blue tiled backsplash decor

deco kitchen design blue white

Interior wall decoration in electric blue

modern blue interior deco

Modern design living room with walls in gray and pink quartz

deco interior rose quartz

Kitchen backsplash with geometric patterns

decoration kitchen backsplash patterns

Elegant dining room with metal furniture

modern dining room decoration

Ultra modern living room with sofa in blue

decoration living room sofa blue carpet

blue elegant living room decoration

modern living room decoration geometric motifs

decoration living room carpet design

adult bedroom trend decoration

deco trendy dining room small

deco trend modern living room

modern eclectic living room colors

modern living room blue wall deco

trend deco 2016 room child geometriqes

deco trend 2016 kitchen wood

deco trend 2016 kitchen stools copper

deco trend 2016 outdoor prints

deco trend 2016 floral prints

deco trend 2016 bathroom tub silver

trendy deco 2016 elegant living room

deco trend 2016 salon prints

deco trend 2016 living room lighting

deco trend interior walls stone

trend deco dining room deco

tenndance deco 2016 kitchen decoration

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