Decorative trend painting in 50 beautiful images

trend deco painting home improvement design

Are you repainting your house and need some advice on deco painting trends? Find a modern color with our article! Our readers would have noticed: with the approach of the month of December, we are gradually turning to the new year that is knocking on our doors.
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And it is precisely for this reason that we decided to present you some trends and prognoses in terms of interior design for 2016. After a recent publication on 6 essential decoration trends for the coming year, we will be interested in the question of colors to be preferred.

Decorative trend painting in light colors

trend deco painting idea living room color

If you are looking for ideas for a lighter color, know that the shades to be preferred in 2016 are white, ivory, very light beige and light gray. As you will notice in the photos below, these colors are rather cold or neutral. They bring an elegant and fine touch into the interior without completely dominating the walls. That's why they mix very well with furniture in many different styles and combine with decorative accessories, rugs and curtains in brighter shades.

Decoration trend painting: dark tones

trendy deco paint palette dark colors

In case you want to find a stronger tone for the decoration of your walls, we suggest you to move towards the pronounced shades of gray, green, blue and taupe. It is precisely these tones that dominate the studies on design trends for the coming year. As for the clear shades, again it is a rather cold and neutral range, which has the advantage of being associated with wonderfully with most warm colors. If you are seduced by this idea of ​​dark walls, find out how to use this kind of painting by consulting our article on this topic . You will avoid creating a too dark and unwelcoming atmosphere in your home.

Decorative painting trend: chic living room in pale gray

trend deco painting accents harmony colors

Moreover, the year 2016 will be marked by some interesting trends: the use of geometric shapes, the presence of natural materials that will continue in the coming months and the influence of the design of the years 1950-1970. Each of these three trends can match very nicely with the colors that will dominate next year, especially if you know how to play with them to get an atmosphere rich in contrasts.

Modern painting deco trend by Dulux

trendy deco modern color painting

Finally, let us not forget to mention the traditions of the ancient feng shui art which establishes links between the colors and the personal year of birth of each person, but also attributes some importance to the year in which we are currently found. So you want to follow this tradition, it would be useful to know that the year 2016 is that of the monkey. The colors that correspond to this animal are similar to some of those mentioned above: yellow, brown, gold, silver and white. For more decoration examples with all these trendy tones, check out the rest of our beautiful pictures:

Wall painting trends in gray

gray wall paint trend

Trend decoration pastel painting

trend deco painting pastel color

Trendy decoration painting gray color

decoration trends colors painting

Trend and decor with pastel green paint

green paint decor trends

Decoration trend and zen painting

zen deco trend

Decorative trend painting living room wall

trend deco painting walls living room

Decorative trend of living room painting

interior decorating deco living room painting

Trendy wall painting decoration in green

green walls trend deco painting

Decorative trend mural

trend deco painting ideas walls

Decorative trend kitchen painting

trendy decorating paint modern kitchens

Decoration trend and pastel color painting

trends decoration painting pastel colors

Decorative trend and light-colored paint

light painting decoration trend

Decorative trend idea and bedroom painting

trends deco modern painting rooms child

Trendy bedroom painting

trendy bedroom deco painting

Trend of decorative design with color of walls

wall color trend modern deco

decoration trend color painting wall

trend paint deco blue color

deco and trend gray color

ideas color trend bathrooms

color trends painting of stay

wall decoration color trends

gray paint trend color

trendy color palette design room

color palette adult bedroom design

ideas wall deco trend colors

ideas deco modern design gray wall

ideas walls color trends painting

deco trend paint color bathroom

deco and color bedroom baby painting

trend colors walls living room

modern color decoration gray paint

wall decoration trends colors

association of colors trend painting walls

trend color painting walls

blue deco trend colors

wall deco living room color painting trend

colors painting wall kitchen

modern style living room paint colors

decoration trends gray walls color

modern living room colors

color idea modern interior painting

modern interior deco paint color

color bedroom modern design painting

trendy kitchen colors deco

color trends modern home decoration

trendy color association

trendy deco painting living room modern design

deco trend painting

ideas deco painting trend

blue paint deco trend

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