Decorative wood ladder: 50 creative ideas for your home

ladder wood deco shelves kitchen

Using innovative ways to decorate your home means thinking beyond the obvious. Instead of opting for a banal setting, you can choose furniture ingenious to create an inimitable style decor.

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As' wooden deco ladder, for example! By combining a touch of rustic charm with a practical design, wooden ladders are an excellent alternative to traditional storage units and wooden shelves. Their light frame and compact design will help you turn an otherwise neglected corner into a modern, functional space.

Scale wood deco design in the bathroom

ladder wood deco modern bathroom

There are really many creative ways to use a wooden deco ladder without any effort. Modern ladder models are perfect for decorating contemporary and urban interiors. By offering a very strong visual contrast, the wooden ladder gives a new dimension to each interior without taking up much space. By placing a wooden ladder next to a beautiful fireplace or a large window, it gives new life to a forgotten corner.

Interesting decoration with wooden ladder and blackboard

original wooden deco ladder

The scales are of as beautiful appearance in a small living room only in a spacious and luxurious living room. They are particularly attractive in a setting inspired by the coastal or rustic theme. You can even use decorative accent color elements on the scale to compliment the color scheme in the room. Simple and discreet, the decor with a wooden ladder also requires very little effort to change the mood in a room.

Scale wood deco modern living room

wooden ladder deco living room design

If there is a place in the interior where usually you need extra storage space, it's the kitchen. The wooden ladders can be used to store your plates or your kitchen accessories. Place simple storage baskets woven on the steps of the ladder and you'll have the perfect alternative to open and closed shelves. You can also lay a traditional ladder horizontally and use it as an interesting pan stand.

Wooden ladders used for shoe storage

ladder wood deco shoes

The dining room is another place where you can make a deco with a wooden ladder. As in the kitchen, the plates and shiny glasses and designer vases on the ladder are in perfect harmony with the look of the elegant dining room. And if you have a fascinating art collection, use the ladder as a support for your favorite art board so you do not have to hang it on the wall.

Deco living room bookcase with wooden ladder

ladder wood deco bookcase

Decorating a small bedroom represents a real challenge. It requires skillful choices that create a relaxing atmosphere while maximizing available space. Wooden ladders can help you if you are wondering what to do with a sad corner or how to create an original decoration. This is especially true for anyone who loves to read, since the wooden ladder is a perfect way to store your favorite books right next to your bed without wasting too much space. You can even use two ladders on both sides of the bed instead of the bedside tables.

Wooden ladder used as a storage shelf

wooden ladder deco living room idea

The wooden ladders with storage baskets woven on the steps are an excellent choice also for the nursery since they allow to avoid the disorder. You can also arrange some of your child's toys on the ladder for an interesting decor. Do not forget to opt for a scale that follows with the colors of the room and arrange it where its placement seems organic and natural. Here are some interesting ideas in pictures:

Eclectic living room deco with wooden ladder

deco living room ladder wood

Original decorating idea of ​​living room

wooden ladder deco modern living room

Modern bathroom decoration with wooden ladder

wooden deco bathroom design ladder

deco bedroom interesting

elegant wood-deco ladder

deco ladder wood living room

decoration ladder wood design

bathroom decoration scale

deco elegant bathroom

deco living room echelle bois etagere

deco veranda ladder wood

ladder firewood deco

ladder wood deco room

ladder wood deco child room

wooden kitchen deco ladder

wooden deco design ladder

wooden ladder deco shelves

ladder wood deco books

wooden ladder deco photos

wooden ladder deco plants

ladder wood deco bathroom

wooden ladder deco living room

wooden ladder deco living room

wooden ladder deco living room design

deco wood scale interesting living room

simple wood deco ladder

wooden ladder deco minimalist style

wooden ladder desgn salon

Ladder Wood Baskets Trangement

original wooden scale deco

storage shoes ladder wood

bathroom scale design

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