Design a room with a high ceiling design

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There are many articles that explain how to decorate a room with a low ceiling height, to provide an impression of elevation. But how to integrate in the planning inside a design ceiling when it is so high that it becomes almost inaccessible?

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An excessive ceiling height raises more problems with its development than a ceiling in a living room comfortable and cozy, that can be touched with the fingertips.

how to integrate a high ceiling?

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What is frustrating is that these high rooms really offer a wealth of decorative possibilities, which tend to be overlooked. One option is the introduction of beams. These can be authentic, but there are some particularly successful imitations in the trade, which can add a certain cachet even in the most modern interiors. And the most economical solution is to paint beams, either imitating the wood or daring the colors for an original decorative effect.

the beams integrate well into a design ceiling

ceiling design exposed beams deco kitchen

You can create a design ceiling by creating a composition of geometric shapes, which will break the monotony of a flat ceiling. Reduce the feeling of emptiness by arranging false ceilings on the terrace, with lighting that will bring attention to these elements, while giving a more intimate atmosphere to the room. You can also compartmentalize the space in this way, and use colors to delimit the different moods.

composition of geometric shapes

ceiling design idee deco geometric pattern

Extend your furniture to the ceiling. For example, a bookcase or shelves, then accessible via a small ladder, will give you extra storage space while giving the room more human dimensions. If you have an open fire, make the chimney visible as high as possible.

additional storage space

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Finally, use lighting with suspensions that go down very low, or opt for an oversized chandelier that will create a link between the top and the bottom. Same thing with the curtains, use beautiful curtains that will harmoniously unite your layout. See our gallery.

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