Design a rustic and elegant kitchen decoration

elegant rustic kitchen

Add a note rustic in interior design is a trend that seems to respond to a need for authenticity, even a certain nostalgia, as a need to find a time when life was simpler and less anxiety.

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A country kitchen decoration has many points in common with Proust's madeleine; where some are plunged back into a happy past by the sweet smell of this pastry specialty Lorraine, others choose to recreate an environment that reminds them of their early childhood.

a reminder of childhood

rustic kitchen vintage table

And as we understand them! So much a beautiful contemporary fitted kitchen is valuable for all the design details that are thought to optimize the culinary experience of users, as much the alternative of a country kitchen setup brings a cozy side, which can be very trendy, provided you do not exaggerate accessorizing the room with elements that would sound wrong.

country kitchen decoration and very rustic

authentic rustic kitchen decoration

Opt for rustic cuisine creates a feeling of warmth and comfort, which welcomes the inhabitants to transport them in a timeless space, thus turning into a central and friendly room. This is a way to redefine the use that we want to make of this room, to favor a slow cooking mode, a reappropriation of the way we have to feed ourselves, in which we take more time to live, to create, to speak, and eventually to eat together. Country cuisine is like being at grandmother's, waiting to see a dessert come out of the oven.

a convivial kitchen

kitchen spirit countryside bar

There are no precise rules, but a beautiful wooden table, a large ceramic sink and some wicker baskets will be the best effect. And a shelf to put some jars, with a beautiful copper service suspended. Or a massive gas stove, with of course an oven. See our series of photos.

the presence of wood reinforces the rustic side

kitchen countryside table trestles

the wood painted in white is the most beautiful effect

aesthetic country kitchen decor

create a friendly space

country decor kitchen bench bench

the classic charm of white

white country kitchen decor

an air of authenticity

country kitchen island wood

the ceramic sink

bright country kitchen decoration

for a cozy atmosphere

country kitchen exposed beams

kitchen countryside vintage table

rustic kitchen baroque furniture

traditional rustic buffet cuisine

rustic kitchen slabs stones

rustic kitchen hood wood

rustic kitchen industrial style lighting

rustic kitchen marble work surface

rustic kitchen many plants

rustic kitchen floor tomettes

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