Design and modern glass console tables

glass console tables modern design idea

Glass furniture is often a challenge for interior designers. On one side it is transparent and it allows to integrate it easily. At the same time a piece of furniture, such as the console table, can create a simple and elegant decoration if it is put in the right interior.

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On the other hand, the table glass console is an element that does not fit all styles. It is also a matter of personal preference. Our selection of console tables presents the different variations and styles possible. Check out the photo gallery and find inspiration!

Console tables from the Gotham collection

design console table suspended luminaire

The Gotham table is part of a collection that also includes a coffee table and a table low . It was made of smoked glass. Clean in design, with clean lines, it has a minimalist structure. This creation is the work of two talented designers: Niko Leonardi and Fabio Marinelli.

Console tables: the Valentino table

console tables design mirror marble glass

The Valentino table is made of marble, glass and walnut. Created by Emanuele Zenere, it has an asymmetrical design and construction that makes it suitable for every inside . Its original geometry fascinates with its charm. It is perfect if you want a really original console table.

Design console tables: the Penrose table

table glass console idea decoration lamp

The Penrose console table is a very interesting design. It is composed of three glass plates, each with a different shape. It offers an elegant and modern look. It is a true work of art discreet. It will be perfect for an interior furnished in minimalist style. This is the work of the three artists Isao Hosoe, Lucia Fontana and Masaya Hashimoto.

The Hip Hop console table

glass console table design deco idea

The Hip Hop table has a rectangular shape and two additional low shelves. This makes it suitable for different spaces: kitchen, hallway, living room, living room or bedroom. The design was created by Studio 28 .

The cricket table

modern console lounge design table

The design of the Cricket table Gianluigi Landoni is similar to that of the Gotham table with just a few differences. First of all, it was made of transparent glass. It also has a stylish wooden drawer. It is of a classic form and may be suitable for contemporary interiors.

The Tower console table

console table design glass wood modern geometry

Tower is a table of impressive design. She has a very interesting geometry. It was created by designer Giorgio Cattelan. It has a flat base, made of galvanized and lacquered sheet metal, and a walnut circle foot. The top is clear glass.

Table "Bonjeur of the day"

tables consoles idea arrangement wood transparent glass

The table "Bonjeur du jour" was created in the 19th century in France. She served as an office to write and read. The modern version was introduced by Adentro Studio. It is made of ultra transparent glass.

The Osmos table

modern table design wood deco glass

The Osmos table was created by Erwan Peron. It has a central and robust shelf made of plywood in varnished oak finish. The feet and the upper part are of transparent glass.

Rectangular table in an eclectic interior by Meredith Heron

console table glass wood deco idea wall

Here is a table set between two chairs and two works of art. The design is eclectic because there is a real diversity of materials, finishes, colors and influences.

The Saphiria table

glass console table design decoration design idea

Table Saphiria is made entirely of glass, just like the Penrose table. It has oval and soft forms. Its design is simple and elegant. It will be perfect for chic interiors.

The console table Mistral

Mistral wood glass console tables

Simple and elegant, the Mistral console table features a wooden base and a glass top. Its forms are soft and elegant. The top is made of glass which allows the base to be the central element and the focal point.

Glass console table

transparent glass console table decoration idea decoration flowers

We already mentioned that tables consoles glass are suitable for minimalist style interiors. Here is an example of a table made entirely of glass that can be a nice discreet accent in your entrance hall.

The Diapason table by Studio Diapason

tables consoles marble glass design decoration idea studio tuning fork

The above example represents a glass and marble table created by the studio Diapason. She is luxurious and elegant. It's a nice mix of noble materials.

Grado ° design table by Ron Gilad

glass console table and metal modern design studio

The Zen 13 table: design similar to that of the classic French console table

tables consoles design black glass wood decorating idea

Console table in glass and geometric shape by Global Interior Design

modern interior design console tables

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