Design and stylish wall decoration in 25 ideas to make yourself

wall decoration design DIY idea paper living room to make yourself

Decorating the walls is always a good idea if you want to add a fresh new touch to your room. To have a wall decoration it is not necessary at all to make big expenses!

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On the contrary, the most stylish ideas are very often those that we realized ourselves. To give you ideas and to prove that DIY can be child's play, we invite you to discover these 25 original wall decoration ideas to make yourself at a very low price and very easy to achieve.

Wall decoration design to make oneself with dalmatian motif

deco wall design diy to manufacture oneself idea lamp

If your bedroom is missing decor and you want to be really original, A Beautiful Mess propose this idea of ​​white wallpaper with beautiful words written by hand. To realize it, it is enough to have white wallpaper or in another clear color, a beautiful writing and a text in mind that you like well!

Idea of ​​original wall decoration by Elsie Larson

original idea DIY deco wall bedroom deco ideas bed

For an atmosphere chic , modern and inspirational minimalist you can realize this simple idea with paint and pins. It is ideal if you want to make your bedroom or living room a more elegant idea.

Wall bright minimalist inspiration

deco wall bedroom diy deco idea minimalist

In A Beautiful Mess good ideas are innumerable! For those who have rooms white s who lack colors and do not want too accentuated decoration, this idea of ​​silver and soft rain will be ideal. This rain is to be done with gray or silver paint. In the example below, Elsie used the gray paint of Dutch Boy Paint .

Silvery and soft rain for an elegant decor

decorative wall white diy curtains living room mirror frame side table

The blogger of Vintage Revivals offers us a decoration inspired by the Indian tribes. The imperfect side of these triangles makes them original and vintage. To realize this idea all you need is a triangle-shaped piece of wood, a stapler, an old t-shirt and some paint. To discover all the steps of the realization of this idea, follow the link .

Orange triangles inspired by Indian tribes

wall decoration design diy original to make wall decor minimalist design bedroom

Scratches are always a trend: in interior design and in fashion . Always elegant, simple and universal beauty, they are suitable for the nursery as well as the living room. One can either draw them with paint, or make them with white and black adhesive strips.

Big black and white stripes

wall decoration design idea wall stripes black white mirror sun shelves wood armchair

Adhesive tapes are easy to manipulate and allow for many different ideas. In the example below, a light blue wall was decorated with arrows made of white tape.

Wall decoration with white adhesive tape

deco wall design diy idea strip adhesive white deco wall frames

The stripes can be vertical or horizontal. To give depth to the room, it is advisable to opt for vertical stripes. To give height to the room, horizontal stripes are to be preferred. The classic is that they are black and white, but it is of course possible to opt for other colors. Remember, it's important to match them with the rest of your room's decor.

Stripes made with black paint

deco wall design idea adhesive strip black mirror ideas

Do you have old books or old note sheets that you no longer use? If you really do not need it anymore, why not decorate your walls with it? Here is a room whose walls have been decorated with sheets of notes and books. An ideal decoration for lovers of reading and classical music, is not it?

Leaves of notes and books

wall decoration design idea sheets of notes bed cushions parquet white books

For a truly original decor, take the time and realize this wonderful idea wall decoration "honeycomb". It is a little more difficult to achieve than the rest of our ideas and you will need more time and patience. Finally, if it's to create a truly unique and original atmosphere at home, it's worth it!

Honeycomb, Vintage Revivals Ideas

decoration wall original diy idea to make yourself design modern furniture wooden deco frame idea quilted headboard

Want a feminine and vintage decor? The blogger Mini Penny we propose this original idea and very floral. It is to be realized with printed boards with motif of tree and flowers, scotch and scissors. This frilly idea will suit the white interiors and with very little decoration.

Floral, feminine and vintage wall decoration

wall decoration diy idea design modern wallpaper flowers vintage decor

Want a minimalist and stylish decor? As you may already know, Scandinavian design favors geometric shapes. In this white interior, Ingrid decided to make large triangles in yellow, gray and blue to decorate the wall and the door of his dressing.

Wall decoration idea and minimalist inspiration door

decorative geometric wall cushions yellow modern parquet white vase ideas

For your child's bedroom, living room and any other room, you can easily create this beautiful Dalmatian accent. To discover step by step the realization of this original idea, visit the blog of Shelterness .

Wall decoration inspired by Dalmatians

wall bedroom decor diy cheap motive dalmatian idea brico original

This Dalmatian effect is more original than polka dots

room-deco-original wall

And since geometric shapes are still a trend in interior design, we offer another idea of ​​wall decoration with triangles of different colors. Bring adhesive tape and paint in the desired colors and create your dream wall.

Triangles: geometry still a trend in interior design

wall deco idea wallpaper living room bedroom coffee table modern wood

The blogger of Cuckoo 4 Design attests to his love for geometric shapes with this idea of ​​wall decoration inspired by a cover that had the same motive. For her realization, she used the white and black Valspar paint.

Ideal decoration for modern black and white interiors

deco black and white idea furniture white wood design star suspension modern ideas

If you want a discreet and elegant decor for your white walls, Vintage Revivals' Mandi has the solution for you. The realization of this project costs only $ 8! All you need is a pencil Sharpie and a rule. If you have already accented your home with colored furniture, frames or other accessories, this simple idea is ideal to add a touch of elegance to your walls in any discretion.

Idea to realize with Sharpie pencil

decoration diy wall idea living room sofa orange modern cushions deco wall frames

Want a more funky idea? A Beautiful Mess we have the solution. To make these white horses, you will need a budget of less than 40 euros and two afternoons. To discover the steps, visit the website of A Beautiful Mess . Discover the rest of our ideas and find the one that best fits your interior and your tastes:

Friendly horses

decoration wall diy to manufacture cheap original deco stair idea

Geometry stylish for your living room

wall decoration diy idea cheap living room adhesive strip couch

Decoration idea with wood by Iron and Twine

decoration wooden diy idea room armchair furnishing cheap mirror wood frame

DIY french wallpaper

deco idea cheap wall bedroom modern design

Nice trees for a fresh and original decoration

decoration wall idea tree living room modern diy idea decoration brico

Discreet and elegant decoration, DIY idea Show Off

white wall deco idea wallpaper diy deco cheap

Another deco accent idea with black and white stripes

white black stripes design wooden parquet wood furniture wood transparent chair

Idea for the nursery

white black stripes baby room idea decorating cot

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