Design bench inspired by glaciers by Fernando Mastrangelo

bench modern design idea

The designer F ernando Mastrangelo who works in Brooklyn has created a bench design unique and sculptural part of his collection called "Drift". Inspired by glaciers and natural earth formations, the designer used hand-dyed sand to create this bench that represents the different layers of the earth.

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The design of the bench results from the designer's desire to mix natural organic materials with minimalist and ergonomic shapes. The bench will be exhibited by James Gallery at Art Geneva, Switzerland, between January 28 and 31, 2016.

Bench design by designer Fernando Mastrangelo

bench design interesting sand

The bench is made from stained sand

bench design original sand

The designer was inspired by nature for this original bench

modern bench original design

The bench has an unusual shape

modern sand elegant bench

Interesting bench inspired by glaciers

stylish original modern bench

The bench shows the designer's passion for mixing organic and natural materials

original bench idee design

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