Design fireplace lounge in 75 inspiring examples

living room modern fireplace ideas

Being the main social space of a house, the living room must be elegant, comfortable and welcoming. An element like the fireplace can help make the living room decor more cozy and cozy, but it's not always easy to know what's the best way to incorporate it into the decor.

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Depending on the overall decor in your living room, you can choose from several layouts that will allow you to fully utilize the potential of your fireplace. So, if you're wondering how to decorate your fireplace lounge contemporary and modern, this article will perhaps bring you some interesting and inspiring answers.

Modern fireplace lounge with concrete cover

living room fireplace ultra modern design original

It does not matter if it's about decorating a fireplace lounge with a simple brick fireplace or a large impressive stone fireplace. The fireplace has an architectural presence that attracts attention. This is why the fireplace very often becomes the focal point in the living room or the living room. To turn the fireplace into a focal point in the living room, start by arranging the furniture around. Generally, the couch or armchairs are placed in front of the fireplace and smaller rooms - such as stools and coffee table - are arranged perpendicular to the chimney on each side. The center part can be left empty to facilitate the passage. To further attract attention to the fireplace, you can also paint the wall around in a contrasting color with the rest or decorate the mantel with mirrors, plants or art objects.

Idea decoration of living room with fireplace

living room fireplace contemporary decoration

You may have other items, besides the fireplace, in the living room on which you want to attract attention? A large flat screen TV or a beautiful outdoor view can sometimes steal the show at the fireplace. Instead of choosing a single element as a focal point in the decor, let the fireplace share the attention it carries. So, for example, you can put the TV on the wall above the fireplace and arrange your furniture around both. If it is a large room with a beautiful view, you can arrange two separate conversation spaces - one in front of the large window and one in front of the fireplace - and this will allow you to enjoy both of the season. In a smaller living room, arrange the furniture in parallel lines between the window and the fireplace so that you can enjoy the outdoor view and the fireplace as you sit on the sofa.

Interesting living room decoration in black and white

living room fireplace deco black white

If your living room is open plan with the kitchen or dining room, the fireplace can become a perfect room divider to delimit different spaces. With a direct vent system, you can place your fireplace anywhere in the living room and build a wall around it to create an even stronger visual barrier between the living room and the kitchen or dining room. Examine even the possibilities for a double-sided fireplace to have one in the living room, one in the other room and enjoy the sight and the crispness of the fire.

Living room with fireplace and original ceiling decoration

living room deco fireplace interesting

Maybe your chimney is too old and does not fit your decor or you just do not like it? If you do not have the budget to fix your fireplace, you can use the room's design to minimize its presence. To do this, start by painting the fireplace and what surrounds it in the same color as the wall next door. Leave the mantel empty and do not put any decorative objects or art pictures on the wall above. When arranging the furniture in the living room, place them far enough away from the fireplace to divert attention from it. But to really change the look in your living room, you must have a different element of the fireplace that will now serve as a central point of decoration. If it is a room without architectural features such as a large window, for example, put a beautiful art board in bright shades placed on the wall in front of the fireplace to create an accent wall. Now it's time to contemplate the beautiful selection of photos below that will give you some ideas on how to decorate your living room or living room with fireplace:

White living room design with fireplace and wooden elements

living room fireplace ultra modern design

Decoration living room fireplace with design mirror

living room fireplace mirror idea

Contemporary design living room with large windows and fireplace

living room fireplace large window

Interesting open living room with fireplace

living room fireplace modern design

Interesting design idea of ​​contemporary living room

living room fireplace contemporary deco design

Luxurious design salon

luxury design fireplace lounge

Modern living room with designer fireplace

fireplace modern living room

Decorated living room fireplace with stone cladding

fireplace living room stone idea

Living room with original design fireplace

ultra modern living room fireplace

Living room with fireplace on a modern accent wall

deco fireplace modern living room

Spacious living room decoration with fireplace

modern decoration elegant living room

Elegant living room in light blue

light blue living room decoration

Interesting decoration of living room with fireplace and sofa in yellow

decoration living room interesting idea

Very elegant living room with designer fireplace

decoration living room modern fireplace

elegant modern living room decoration

modern living room decoration idea

decoration living room black white fireplace

living room decoration clear shades fireplace

deco living room fireplace separator room

deco living room elegant fireplace

deco living room large mirror fireplace

deco living room original fireplace

deco living room stone fireplace

elegant living room decoration idea

modern living room decoration idea

living room blue beige

contemporary living room deco idea

idea deco modern living room fireplace

Scandinavian style living room deco idea

living room fireplace canape design

living room contemporary stylish fireplace

living room fireplace contemporary deco

elegant deco fireplace lounge

living room fireplace deco luxury

living room fireplace decoration design

living room fireplace modern decoration

elegant design fireplace lounge

modern stylish design fireplace living room

living room fireplace wall design

living room fireplace original design

lounge cheminee elegante idea

modern elegant fireplace lounge

living room gray fireplace idea

living room fireplace idea deco

living room fireplace rattan furniture

living room fireplace black white

living room fireplace clear shades

living room fireplace small idea

modern natural stone fireplace lounge

living room fireplace natural stone

living room fireplace tele idee

modern TV lounge

lounge deco fireplace elegant

living room deco fireplace small

living room deco design fireplace

living room deco eclectic fireplace

living room deco chimney

living room modern decoration design

living room original decoration fireplace

design lounge stone fireplace

elegant design fireplace lounge

living room design elegant idea

elegant modern design living room

living room modern idee design

living room fireplace design sofa leather

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