Design kitchen hoods: a selection of the EuroCucina lounge

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An exclusive selection of the best kitchen hoods aspirantes was presented at the EuroCucina fair in Milan. The wide range of designs, styles and designs immediately caught the eye of connoisseurs.

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Today, we present the most impressive models and the best performers exhibited at the show. Forget about the look of traditional kitchen hoods and discover their technical and aesthetic evolution with our gallery of 34 different models.

Designer hoods: an exclusive selection of 34 models of different styles

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Sometimes, we tend to neglect the design when we choose an extractor hood for our kitchen. Choosing a performance hood, but that will not fit into the interior style of our kitchen, is a shame. At EuroCucina this year, the manufacturers of extractor hoods have demonstrated a real evolution not only technical, but also aesthetic modern extractor hoods. All the models presented at the show impress with their high performance qualities, but also with their very elegant design, often minimalist and futuristic.

Wooden kitchen hood ideal for rustic style interiors by Elica

hood kitchen wood idea design arrange

What is the style of your kitchen? Minimalist, Scandinavian, industrial or classical? One of the latest trends is the kitchen hoods looking like a lamp . This option is very elegant if you can not or do not want to have a traditional ventilated range hood. Their design is very discreet and can fit very well into a wide variety of styles.

Elica range hood with integrated lighting

kitchen hoods design lighting lamp idea design

Here is the model Star Elica, Made of stainless steel and glass. Its sophisticated design is ideal for a modern kitchen as well as for a traditional luxury kitchen. It looks like a mirror ball!

Star Elica model in stainless steel and glass

kitchen extractor hoods design suspension fixture

Minimalist interiors can seem cold and unwelcoming. If that's the case with your kitchen and you want to warm up the mood, this wall-mounted range hood by Elica is an ideal solution. She will cast a beautiful light and bring warmth to the room.

Elica wall-mounted range hood for a cozy atmosphere

hood kitchen wall design idea

One of the models presented by the company Nobilia was this hood called "Eclipse" in collaboration with Airforce. It is perfect for induction hobs.

Eclipse kitchen hood by Airforce

modern design suction hood

Traditional design was not absent in the design of some models of extractor hoods. In addition to all the minimalist style hoods, Elica also introduced these beautiful traditional style models from the "Sweet" collection that come in three metallic finishes: silver, copper and gold.

Elica kitchen extractor hoods from their Sweet collection in three different finishes

kitchen hoods idea traditional design

Here is an extractor hood of classic design, made of stainless steel and with a glass component. It does not take much space and can be placed in a small kitchen as well as in a medium kitchen.

Stainless steel extractor hood with glass component

stainless steel kitchen hoods design idea

The following model is also designed in stainless steel and glass, but this time with integrated LED lighting.

Stainless steel and glass extractor hood with LED lighting

kitchen hoods design idea modern extractor hood

An invisible extractor hood? The only indication that this is much more than a traditional cabinet, is the touch-glass component of rectangular shape. Range Hoods created this model with the idea of ​​having a discreet hood in his kitchen.

Invisible extractor hood with touch screen

invisible suction hood design

Looking more closely at the glass control panel, we realize that we can easily manage the hood by simply touching the fingers. No more buttons, long live technical progress and appliances with touch screens!

Touch glass control panel

hood kitchen touch design modern kitchen

The modern style of this kitchen may surprise some of you. Its lines and shapes are obviously inspired by modern art. The black hood is made of tempered glass and lacquered sheet. There must be enough room for installation!

Kitchen hood with impressive aesthetics in glass and sheet metal


Airforce also introduced this discreet, mid-size hood model that includes a small light. If you do not want to install a hood on the wall or ceiling, this model is ideal for you.

Medium sized extractor hood with integrated Airforce lighting

extractor hood design lighting idea baking plates

Another model of the Airforce company includes a glass panel that protects surfaces and its user. It is placed on the side and opposite to the hob. This model installs quickly enough because it does not need to be integrated into a wall or ceiling.

Kitchen Hood with Protective Glass Screen by Airforce


A model with a traditional ventilation and suction mechanism is the one, below, designed by the Italian company Cucine Lube. Its security system is particularly well suited to families with children.

Kitchen hood with a modern design and security system

kitchen hoods design steel idea design

One of our favorite kitchen hoods is this one in green. It also exists in orange and includes a touch control system. If your kitchen lacks color, why not choose a hood in bright shades?

Green kitchen hood with touch control system

hood kitchen green design modern wall

Indesit has exhibited this model which is among the best kitchen hoods for kitchens with a high ceiling. To be installed above the central island.

Large hood for spacious kitchens with high ceiling

kitchen design hood steel suction idea false ceiling

Another of the models of the company Indesit is this one: mural hood with high-tech look and modern lighting system.

Model with high-tech look

hood kitchen wall design modern idea

For those who like the traditional design, this red hood model by La Cornue is an excellent choice. These beautiful kitchen hoods are the result of real expertise. The company has more than a century of craft history.

Red kitchen hood, La Cornue: the result of a real know-how

extractor hood design kitchen idea furniture trend red

This large hood, designed by Marchi Cucine, is of traditional form but with an industrial touch.

Industrial style kitchen hood by Marci Cucine

extractor hood industrial style interior design

The company has also introduced this model of metal hood. It is to be installed on the wall.

Wall-mounted metal kitchen hood


For its part, the company Miele presented this model of black hood with glass slats. It will fit well in a black and white kitchen or in a luxurious design kitchen.

Black exhaust hood with glass slats by Miele


Another model of honey is this modern luminous hood. It illuminates even the cooking space. Its futuristic design makes it ideal for contemporary style interiors.

Bright kitchen hood of futuristic design by Miele

modern design luminous extractor hood plates idea cooking

There is also a flat glass version with a central ventilation panel. Wall hoods are particularly useful for small indoor spaces.

Elegant and discreet kitchen hood by Miele

extractor hood kitchen design black steel

This large cylindrical hood is ideal for kitchens with a central island. His look is dramatic and industrial at the same time. It will integrate very well with many interior styles.

Extractor hood of original shape for modern kitchens

extractor hood modern design kitchen idea

The kitchen hood may be invisible or it may become a focal point in the kitchen. It is certain that this model of Nobilia's kitchen hood will not go unnoticed by your guests. We love its vintage and elegant side ...

Elegant extractor hood for a vintage side by Nobilia

extractor hood modern design kitchen arrange idea

The Italian company Scavolini also showed a double hood model in industrial style. This hood will be an excellent central element in all kitchens furnished in this style of design.

Kitchen hood in industrial style by the Italian company Scavolini

hood design idea kitchen industrial style modern design

These three built-in range hoods are very modern and elegant. They are perfect for those who want a powerful and discreet hood in their kitchen. The models are, from left to right, the F174, F176 and Elitto.

Elegant and discreet kitchen hoods

airforce design hood kitchen modern kitchen

For lovers of rustic and traditional interiors, the company Arcari presented a range of hoods designed in this style of design. The collection, called Pienza, includes models with beautiful decorative details.

Model of the Pienza collection with beautiful metal decorative detail

kitchen hoods modern design kitchen idea

Another solution for small spaces are the models of small hoods designed by the company Candy. Below, a round model with integrated light:

Round hood model Candy

kitchen hood round design lighting idea

Another model of industrial style is the one exhibited by Creo. It can also be integrated into a rustic and traditional style kitchen.

Industrial style kitchen hood by Creo

hood kitchen modern design idea arrange interior trend

The two most important elements to consider when choosing your new extractor hood are its performance and look. Hoping that our gallery of suggestions for extractor hoods has been useful to you, we wish you a good visit on our site!

Kitchen hoods for a trendy kitchen interior ...

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