Design library: decorating ideas living room with library

library design living room ideas

The library design helps us to decorate and organize our living room. And it's true that without these pieces of furniture, we would not have a place to store our books.

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But how about having a library that will be both functional and design? Today, we will explore the different ways to use the libraries in the living room, as well as how to take advantage of them to decorate the interior. And if ever the decoration of your library design was becoming as important as decorating your living room? Below you will discover our deco tips, complete with many images that will help you build the library of your dreams.

Modern wooden design bookcase

bookcase design wood living room

When you decorate, do not forget to think about the function of the library. Do you need a large library to store a lot of books? Or do you have some room left to arrange some decorative items on the shelves? Decorating the bookshelves in the library, with books and decorative objects at a time, is a great idea. In case you have room between the books, use your decorative objects to fill the empty space. Vases, statuettes, paintings: these are the objects that will help you create a beautiful decoration. The successful balance is a very important element and the symmetry can really help you accentuate the decor of your living room. Try to create symmetry between books and decorative objects that you have stored on your library. Keep your storage, if possible, as simple as it is elegant.

Contemporary design bookcase as room divider

interesting design library living room

And when it comes to empty spaces ... If you can afford to leave part of the shelf empty, you'll easily create an elegant minimalism effect. This is particularly valid for small rooms because having too many objects makes them seem even less spacious. On the contrary, a little empty space will help you create the illusion of a larger and more airy room.

Minimalist living room with library

modern design library deco living room

And since the primary function of libraries is the storage of books, we must learn how to organize them well. What you can always do is leave some books tilted on the shelves. Try to change their usual position to create a more original decor. So, in case your shelves are high enough, try to leave, in the middle of each shelf, an inclined book and use it as a platform for a chosen decorative object. Repeat this type of storage on multiple shelves to create symmetry.

Elegant wooden bookcase cabinet

modern wood design library

Color is another element that can help you make your library more original. No matter what type of decor you want to create with color, having nuances on your library is a very good idea. In case the piece needs a focal point and simplicity, try a selective color palette. Choose a maximum of two or three shades and try to incorporate them into the decor of your library.

Idea decoration of living room with library

stylish lounge design library

And if you prefer to see the titles of your books, leave the presentations on the shelves. But at least try to arrange them according to their color. This type of storage will help you create a more elegant and organized decoration. Another idea of ​​color decoration is to create a graduation effect. This can be achieved by arranging your books so that their colors blend and intensify. Here are some ideas now how to decorate your living room with a design library :

Small, modern, two-tone library

bibliotèque design two-tone elegant

Ultra modern library for the living room

ultra modern design library

Idea of ​​deco with original library

interesting modern design library

Design living room library template

book library design

library wood modern living room

low lounge design library

modern white design library

stylish wood design library

elegant design bookcase laquered

green gray design library

stylish modern design library

modern design library laquered

modern design library objects deco

modern design library living room

black design library white

living room deco design library

futuristic library modern design

modern library wood living room

library living room idea

modern living room wall library

library deco living room

interesting living room library design

library living room original design

library lounge black white

modern high design library

original design bookcase wood

modern round design bookcase

modern living room design library

design library part separator

decoration furniture library salon

deco lounge white library

deco lounge interesting library

library decoration ideas

idee deco living room library multicolored

idee deco living room library

library furniture design salon

low design bookshelf

interesting design lounge library

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