Design lighting for the dining table in 65 ideas

original lighting table decoration

Adopt one of our 65 beautiful design lighting ideas and transform the look of your dining room or kitchen dining area: these are to be discovered here! The dining table is a furniture that is used every day and deserves a nice decoration.

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Most of the time, we like to use small objects like vases, bowls of fruit and candles to complete his look and we rarely think about his lighting. Yet, as you will see in this article, this element can bring a lot to the space around the dinner table .

Dining room with design lighting and hanging wooden luminaires

wooden table dining room

The dining room lighting or dining area can become original and interesting decorative accents. They are able to take on the role of a beautiful jewel adorning a space where most of the furniture must be functional and practical. This is what allows them to shine and introduce fun touches, elegant or unusual, while completely changing the atmosphere around your dining table.

Interior design with dining table and large format lighting

designer dining room lamps

The easiest way to choose a design fixture for your table is to be guided by the shape of the table. Usually, lamps with a linear shape for rectangular tables and oval or spherical suspensions for round tables are preferred. Of course, you do not have to follow this rule to the letter. There are many other elements that are able to influence your decision: for example, the decorating style of the room, the appearance and color of the table and chairs or even the particular attachment to a model. accurate!

Small round table with lighting design: pendant light in sprigs

design decoration dining area lighting design

Where and how to install a table lamp? When selecting the location of your fixture, consider that everyone sitting around the table should have enough light to feel comfortable. Try to find the suspension that will be an ideal source of light for all guests, not only everyday but also at parties where many friends and relatives are invited. If your table is big, you can also opt for several suspended luminaires, as in the photo below.

Decorative dining room idea with designer lighting and modern hanging fixtures

lighting design dining room layout

Also know that it is important to leave enough space between the suspension and the table so that everyone can serve freely. We recommend a distance of approximately 90 cm between the table surface and your lamp. This detail is also essential for the proper distribution of lighting. So, try to take it into account when you buy and install your light fixture.

Design lighting for table by Kichler

kitchen decoration design lamp kichler

Finally, do not forget to consider how your fixture will match with the rest of your decor. Think in particular about the size of the room, the other lamps possibly present in the space as well as the colors. Now that you are well informed, you can visit our gallery to find the ideal lighting for your dining table:

Table with suspension and deco of modern style

hanging modern deco table

Dining table with modern design lighting

modern dining table lighting design

Dining table and deco with contemporary lamp

deco dining table lamps

Round pendant lamps and design lighting for rectangular table

round rectangular table suspension

Modern suspension for dining room table

modern suspension table dining rooms

Modern suspension and round table

suspension round deco modern table

Modern Suspended Meal Corner Fixture

modern suspension deco dining areas

Dining room with round table and hanging lamp

round table dining room hanging lamps

Decorative dining room and lighting design

decoration dining room lighting design

Modern kitchen photo with design lamps by Kichler

pictures kitchen modern design lamps

Suspended dining room lighting and design lighting

lighting design lighting suspended dining room

Hanging lighting idea by Kichler

pendant light design kichler

Example of suspended luminaire and decoration of dining table

lightings decoration dining table

Round pendant for table and modern decoration

modern style decoration table lamp

Ceiling suspended lamp for dining room table

dining room ceiling lamp ceiling

Chandelier design of dining room

lighting design dining rooms

modern lamp round tables dining room

kitchen table lamps

lamp modern style dining room table

Scandinavian design lamp open kitchen living room dining room

hanging lamp ceiling dining tables

modern design chandelier

modern lamp rectangular table

table lamp lighting dining rooms

interior design lighting table

ideas hanging table dining room

ideas table lamp design lighting

lighting model modern living room

ideas lighting modern interior

ideas luxury deco table fixture

decoration dining rooms lighting design ceiling

modern lighting design table deco

decoration ceiling lamps suspensions

lighting chandelier modern design

lighting suspensions stay

lighting lighting modern suspensions

hanging lighting deco contemporary table

kitchen interior lighting

interior luxury lighting dining room

examples lighting round table

lighting design lamps dining room modern deco

lighting design pendant lighting decoration table

idea lighting design tables

interior lighting design lamp

lighting design decoration small dining rooms

lighting decoration kitchen open on living room

white kitchen light

lighting dining area dining table

decoration hanging table lamp

Scandinavian decoration ideas table lamp

contemporary dining room deco

chandelier decoration dining room

interior deco industrial lamps

modern lighting design decoration

decoration lighting dining area lamp

lighting white kitchen dining area

modern kitchen table lighting design

choose lighting modern table

interior deco dining room

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