Design object of the season: fruits

object trend season fruit bowl apples

With the arrival of spring, it's time to bring a fresh touch to your home with the design object of the season: fruits. This nature decorative object is a simple and classic way to create an accent in a kitchen, in a dining room or in a living room.

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In addition, the choice of presentation and storage are very numerous, as you will see below.

The design object of the season: fruits

interior decoration fruit kitchen dining room ideas storage

Spring fruits offer an almost limitless choice of decoration for every room in the house. They allow you to express your personal taste for colors and shapes whatever your budget. A nice cup of oranges or a selection of fresh fruits in a basket and voila!

Simple and elegant decoration with fruit bowl

decoration room eat bowl of fruits flowers

You can turn one of your favorite cups into a storage accessory. One possible trick is to choose a container that compliments the colors of the room. You can also complete your decoration with a bouquet of flowers in similar colors. Indeed, this design object is a perfect accessory for a green house in harmony with nature.

Fruits are a design object that suits homes in harmony with nature

nature decoration house fruits orange flowers

This design object is also a way to create a nature scenery good for the health of your family. The gourmet fruits arranged on the counter of the kitchen or on a small coffee table will invite young and old to forget the too sweet snacks.

Fruit cups as a design object in the living room

decoration fruit bowls interior design contemporary

Do you like simplicity or the richness of colors? Choosing from seasonal fruits for your decoration is always a good idea. But if you particularly prefer a kind of fruit, do not hesitate to use it for the deco nature of your home: it could even help you adopt a more balanced way of eating!

The decoration with fruit blends perfectly with the minimalist design

minimalist design object green cut apples

For those who are looking for storage ideas for our design object seasonal, there are various choices: glass or wooden bowls, baskets, as well as vintage-style compotes. For a modern presentation, you can still choose a fruit tree, like this one.

Modern fruit tree of the creator Simon Colabufalo .

decor nature modern storage tree apples

Fruits is a pretty and gourmet design object

deco health table cafe dining room

Selection of fruit storage

decorative object fruit storage bowls baskets trees

The fruits can also decorate the bedroom

object design season fruit room

Simple and elegant fruit storage in rustic style

green house fruits bowl rustic

object design season simple modern basket fruit

deco season fruit storage

nature decor storage fruit season


details deco lemon plants glass table

deco object nature bowl fruit modern

green house season object orange

green house nature decor storage pear apples

interior decor dining room fruit storage

modern ecological kitchen fruits decoration

decoration nature counter kitchen

white kitchen season decoration

lounging decor living room fruits simple storage

deco design fruit kitchen dining room

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