Design pendant for bedroom decor

suspension design modern bedside table

To give your bedroom an elegant look, you can use one or more pendant lighting fixtures, such as those discussed in this article. As you know, this type of lighting is very often used in the decoration of kitchens and dining rooms of contemporary style.

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Hanging lamps, usually hanging from the ceiling, float in the air of the room they decorate. The shops offer a very wide range of products of this type, sizes and styles. A little research should therefore be enough for those who would like to buy a luminaire of this kind: they will easily find a model that fits their needs. In the text that follows, we will discuss some of the key issues of room decoration with a suspension design .

Suspension design for bedroom decoration: what are the options?

suspension design idea room decoration

In the bedroom, suspended lighting is usually placed on both sides of the bed, above a bedside table. In some cases, it is also installed at the foot of the bed: this solution gives more unexpected results and causes more perception of those who enter the room. In addition, a suspension can help you complete a reading corner or space with a small desk or desk. console table . On the other hand, it would also be a good choice for decorating a space with a vanity and a mirror.

Contemporary design pendant: example of room decoration

deco contemporary design pendant

If you have decided to find hanging fixtures to decorate one or more bedrooms in your home, it is necessary to make sure that the ceiling in the rooms in question is high enough. As a general rule, the height required for the installation of a suspension is 2.70 m or more. This requirement may be omitted if you intend to place your lighting above a bedside table or similar furniture (console, desk, dressing table ...). In this case, we advise you to try to leave a space of 70 to 80 cm between the surface of the table and the luminaire. This will allow you to use this surface and to place different objects without problem.

Scandinavian design pendant and room decoration idea

Scandinavian style pendant lamp

When we choose a suspension we consider, of course, its external appearance. The most fashionable models at the moment are those inspired by vintage design, industrial and Scandinavian style or contemporary deco. If you like one of these styles, you will quickly find several products that will fit your taste.

Suggestion of adult bedroom decoration with design suspension

deco feminine bedroom suspension design white

From a practical point of view, the choice of suspended luminaire must be made according to the size of the room where it will be placed. This means that the size of your lamp must be balanced with respect to the interior space. The dimsensions of the luminaire will also depend on how you will use the suspension, as the only light source in the room or with other types of lighting.

Photo of room with design suspensions

contemporary lamps and suspensions

Although considered as complements in the decoration of interior spaces, luminaires occupy an important place. They allow you to create an elegant ambience while meeting the needs of modern day and night light. Therefore, it is essential to find a model of lighting that is able to meet your requirements and that corresponds to your lifestyle. These images will give you examples of hanging design fixtures and ways to use them in a contemporary bedroom:

Design pendant for bedroom by Amos and Amos

suspension design glass decor room

Suspension and wall sconces for contemporary room lighting

installation suspension chamber lighting

Idea of ​​decoration with hanging lights

headboard bedroom fixtures suspensions

Teen girl room and suspensions in paper

bedroom girl hanging paper deco

Room decoration and modern lighting

modern suspension adult rooms lamp

Idea of ​​location of suspended luminaires in parental room

black suspension design room decoration white

Small Scandinavian inspired bedroom and floating lights

suspension design industrial style furnishing adult rooms

Modern bedroom with suspended lighting

suspension design furniture headboard of bedroom

Bedroom decoration with suspensions and night table

master bedroom suspension contemporary design

Room interior with suspended luminaires

suspension design lamps wood bedroom modern style

Trendy copper pendant

suspension model copper bedroom

Floating lights in black and white with wooden keys

Scandinavian style interior decoration

Decoration with hanging lights for bedroom

decoration style vintage pendant design luminaire

Design pendant in white and small space bedroom

ceiling lamp room amenagement room

small room lamp suspension

hanging fixtures idea bedroom

fixtures hanging lamps deco industrial

ceiling light fixture hanging furniture room

luminaire suspended ceiling bedroom contemporary style

modern luminaires deco bedroom suspensions

contemporary lighting bedroom suspensions

modern luminaires deco adult suspension

industrial design lighting bedroom friends

lighting copper decor bedroom bedside table

dco room friends suspension fixture

bed and black lamp bedroom suspension

ceiling lamp bedroom pendant light

modern bedside lighting bedroom decoration

bedroom lamp deco contemporary suspensions

lighting deco diy bedroom

furniture master suite suspension design

idea small bedroom lamp design

lighting modern suspension room

lighting bed table bedside lamps

lighting suspension idea modern bedroom

lighting bedroom deco lighting design

deco romantic bedroom lamps and light fixtures

oriental decoration model hanging lamp

decoration bedroom suspension modern fixture

color painting bedroom ceiling light fixture

cozy room industrial lighting

lighting for bedroom ideas

furnishing bedroom deco lighting modern

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