Design pendant lamp in paper Midsummer Light

suspension lighting design interior lamp paper

Midsummer Light is a design pendant lamp made of paper. It was created by Tord Boontje for Artecnica, an American brand based in Los Angeles. The luminaire is inspired by the Japanese tradition of paper suspensions by bringing a new interpretation inspired by European culture and art.

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Suspension light design Midsummer Light

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European influences are clearly visible on the decoration with floral motif that adorns the entire body of the luminaire. It appears as a modern adaptation of Baroque ornaments; they also evoke the feminine motifs that dominate in the English style.

Design pendant light in paper with floral pattern

suspension fixture design interior lamp paper

The name of the light, Midsummer Light ("Light of a Summer Day"), is not without evoking references to European literature of the Renaissance. It will make theater fans think of William Shakespeare's comedy, A Midsummer Night's dream (original title in English: Midsummer Night's Dream ).

Pendant lamp by Tord Boontje

hanging paper shade design

And as a beautiful summer day, the fixture itself is of a delicate and light appearance. However, this learning is somewhat misleading. The suspension is strong because it was made from two sheets of Tyvek. The latter is a very strong synthetic material.

Pendant light design with floral pattern in white

photo pendant lighting design paper

Tyvek may look like paper, look and feel, but it has a major advantage that paper does not have: it's almost impossible to tear. Unlike paper, Tyvek is also water resistant, which is always convenient for a fixture. Finally, note that this material is also non-toxic and perfectly adapted to all parts of the house.

Suspension light design: romantic game of shadows and lights

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According to the creator of the lighting, who lives and works in London, his idea was to make a lampshade that evokes the memories of a summer day and the play of lights that can be observed lying under a tree.

Design paper lampshade distributed by Artecnica

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Detail of the floral ornaments of the paper suspension

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This paper light is a project that aims to respond to the influence of minimalist style. According to its creator, this style is somewhat cold and does not offer enough softness to our interiors. The lamp was therefore designed to offer an alternative to the trends of this style which was widespread and very popular in the early 2000s.

Design pendant light in white paper

suspension lighting design paper shade

The original version of the hanging lamp was manufactured in 2004. It was distributed in white color only. In the following years, other models were launched to answer the requests of the customers who wanted to be able to choose among several colors. The lamp exists today in red, blue and green.

Picture of hanging paper lamp easy to assemble

hanging lamp child room lampshade paper

The suspension comes in two separate sheets of Tyvek material that are folded in their packaging. They are accompanied by a plastic cone and some extra small accessories. The luminaire can be installed in minutes without requiring special effort and knowledge.

Tord Boontje, creator of the Midsummer Light paper suspended luminaire

designer fixture paper suspension

Thanks to its light and pleasant appearance and the qualities of the material it is made of, the lamp Midsummer Light enjoys enormous popularity. Sold at around 100 euros, it will suit the decorations of a bedroom, a nursery and baby and, why not, a covered terrace during the summer season.

Pendant light design white

suspension interior lighting paper design

Image of the Midsummer Light Paper Pendant Light by Tord Boontje

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