Design room: 13 examples of a pretty adult room

bedroom design adult deco wall idea

With this article, we present you images of design room designers who impressed us with their elegant and original decoration. The beautiful photos we have chosen are those of rooms designed by Sergey Procopchuk, Image Box Studios, Yovo Bozhinovski, Anton Biytsev, Anna Fedyukina, George Nijland, Alina Vagapova, Who Cares?

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Design bedroom with decorative paintings

bedroom design paintings accessories decoration wood

When you're building a house, the bedroom is not necessarily the room you think about the longest. Between the layout and decoration of the kitchen, the choice of flooring and walls for the bathroom and the decoration of the living room, that is to say the rooms of the house where we spend a lot of time daily, we have almost no time to think how to decorate the bedroom. This is an important part of the house which is also a space where we spend about seven hours spent sleeping and a few moments of the day that we can dedicate to rest or to care for his welfare.

Modern design room with decorative painting

modern deco design room

To avoid ending up with a bedroom that you do not like and where you feel you're being trained against your will, it's important to think about decorating this space as you do for the rest of the house. And when you're so exhausted by the decor and layout of other rooms, the best remedy is to look for some inspiration in designer bedroom photos. It is precisely this kind of inspiration that we propose to you.

Artistic room and decor with transparent chair by Yovo Bozhinovski

master bedroom design modern decoration transparent chairs

This design room , Yovo Bozhinovski's creation, offers us an idea of ​​decoration in pastel colors in a dark tone. While these colors are used for walls and fabrics in the room, the furniture is almost invisible. A modern transparent chair is barely visible next to the bed and the headboard would not be noticeable if it were not decorated with a few bright accessories in white. The entire decor of this adult room invites to rest and relaxation - activities that can be practiced in the presence of works of art, as seems the creator of this space and whose testimony is a beautiful graphic decoration on the wall.

Design bedroom with brick wall by Anna Fedyukina

room design walls brick modern deco

The second design room we chose is a creation of Anna Fedyukina. It is a decidedly urban space, as we understand it with the brick wall, decorating the space behind the bed and giving a city look, even industrial, to the room. A piece of black furniture next to the bed serves to reinforce this first impression produced by the wall, as do the lights hanging on the same side which remind us of the lamps of an old factory.

Modern bedroom, creation of Anna Fedyukina

modern design rooms small spaces

The atmosphere of the room is softened by the bedding and the light wood covering used for the floor as well as for the wall and the ceiling. An elegant Scandinavian carpet serves as an accessory unifying both types of decoration. Complemented by some pretty red accents and a remarkable design armchair in yellow, this adult room is a real example of beautiful decor for small spaces.

Male bedroom and lighting idea, creation by Anton Biytsev

male bedroom design ideas lighting

The third bedroom that we present to you is the work of Anton Biytsev, creator of design interiors in Ukraine. It is a formally masculine room, predominantly blue and wood. The square wooden furniture at the foot of the bed, as well as the red design chair that you can see in the pictures below, give this piece a masculine and urban chic look. The impression produced by these accessories is enhanced by the view that can be seen through the window and that fulfills the function of a true decorative painting. We invite you to discover all the decorative details of these design rooms using the photos below.

Male bedroom in blue and wood by Anton Biytsev

design rooms masculine decoration blue wood

Male room and idea for office layout

decorating ideas corners desks chairs design bedroom

Modern bedroom: decoration idea with lightings

modern rooms design ideas decoration lighting

Modern bedroom and storage idea by Who Cares Design

rooms design ideas wall storage

Idea of ​​wall shelves for adult bedroom by Image Box Studios

bedrooms design ideas bookcase wood

Modern Room Shelf Idea by Who Cares Design

design modern bedroom ideas shelves

Modern Room Wall Decor Idea by Who Cares Design

rooms ideas design wall decorations

Bedroom red decoration idea by Who Cares Design

design idea deco red room

Bright Bedroom Decoration by Who Cares Design

bright rooms ideas modern decor

Decoration in adult bedroom white

white decoration ideas modern design rooms

Bedroom design and decoration for walk-in closet by George Nijland

rooms design deco ideas

Bedroom for adults and decoration in blue by George Nijland

room design blue wall decoration

Design room: decoration idea with bench by Image Box Studios

adult rooms design ideas deco benches

adult room design office design ideas

feminine design parental rooms canapes decoration yellow black

adult rooms feminine design accents decoration yellow pink

adult rooms design dressing ideas layout

adult room idea decoration minimalist design

idea painting master bedroom design

rooms modern decoration design geometric shape

bedroom white decoration interior design

adult rooms contemporary design interesting tables

modern design colors painting adult bedroom pastel

bedrooms original lamps contemporary decoration

contemporary design rooms painting dark colors

adult rooms contemporary design accents decoration

color bedrooms modern design chairs

modern office furniture room

adult rooms tiled floor design wood wall decor

bedroom large window artistic decoration paintings

design adult rooms decoration headboards transparent

bedroom design adult wall deco

bedroom decor wall deco wall

adult bedroom deco

bedroom design paintings wall carpet floor round

feminine design deco thematic room

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